halloween boss

oni_delsoni_dels Drunk French CanadianMontréal, Québec. Icrontian
so the new boss and map this year is kinda sketchy so far... the boss is basically unbeatable if your team is doing pvp or trying to cap the point (KOTH)
arrow headshot (from the cuntsman) does 1k dmg on him so have a full team of it.
when you cap the point if you do, random buff/debuff occurs.
when the boss spawn, sometime you'll get a bomb on your head; just run towards him, he will be stun and you will be kritz and uber for short period of time
when the boss says "i'm hiding now" and you see his life bar in green (visible in the middle of your hud) look around the map for objects that dont belong and shoot them (barrel, cactus, piano, crates, tires...)
when you kill him, much like Monoculus, the BOMBINOMICON will show. jump on it and you will be transported to the netherealm (or whatever). from there just follow the path and you'll see a goat skull. jump on it and you will get a cute hat and an achievement.

this was your favourite drunk french canadian with your halloween tf2 hint/spoilers/walkthru


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