FS: APC SmartUPS 1500VA (2U Rack) w/like new batteries

Okay, after a great deal of back and forth with an actual EE PhD I know, and testing, I'm putting this beasty on the market.

Unfortunately, it does NOT like my wiring setup. There's nothing actually WRONG with it, except that the rackmount units have less noise control on the electrical circuitry and the wiring here is bad enough to produce a high frequency whine I can hear. If I put a conditioner in front of it, it'd be perfect - but 1500VA conditioners are expensive as hell.
People also like to complain about fan noise - not on this unit. At <55% load, the fan does NOT run except when on battery. It's basically dead silent as long as you aren't loading it heavily - which also translates to insane runtimes. A 400W load usually gets 40-50 minutes of runtime. Bear in mind, it's a rackmount unit, so the fan can be VERY loud when running. It IS electrically controlled though (thermal and input condition.)

There's some really good that comes with this UPS. One, it's complete including the four-post rack kit. Two, you'll get the USB <i>and serial comms cables. Three, it's got practically brand new batteries. I don't have the exact manufacturing date, but they've got all of one cycle on them and been stored properly.

Critical Specs translated to Sane Format:
APC SmartUPS 1500 RM2U (SUA1500RM2U)
110-120VAC Input/Output (Sine)
Input cord - fixed NEMA 5-15P (standard AC outlet) / Output - 6 standard AC outlets (all on battery)
Ratings: 1440VA Max Typical (That's 980W, so yes, it CAN handle your gaming rig!)
Battery Cartridge: APC RBC24
Expansion Slot: Yes. Uses APC Network Management Card 2 (AP9630) - card not included.
Damage: A bit of dirt and a few scratches on the front plastic cover, missing the expansion slot cover.

I CANNOT SHIP THIS. It is both illegal (sealed lead acid batteries which have a storage charge) and too heavy (>100lbs). So you'll either need to pick it up from me in Cleveland or I can bring it to you at ICHQ.

I'm asking $200 - add $25 to cover gas if you want me to deliver it to you at ICHQ.

Will also totally trade for 1100-1500VA desktop/deskside UPSes from APC, Eaton or Tripp-Lite in similar condition. Willing to consider other trades or arrangements since I desperately need to build a new workstation as well.
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