DUNU Tai Chi DN-19 earphones reviewed

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    I really love the packaging of these. Unfortunately, $133 for earbuds is a bit steep for me. If I'm dropping over 100 I'd prefer super-aural.
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    The packaging makes me think I'm proposing marriage to myself when I open it.
  • Annes said:

    I really love the packaging of these. Unfortunately, $133 for earbuds is a bit steep for me. If I'm dropping over 100 I'd prefer super-aural.

    $133's a damn good price given they're 16Hz-26kHz range, actually. For comparison, that's more range than most headphones of any flavor in that price area. These should probably be compared to Klipsch X10i ($150+), Etymotic ER23-HF3 ($140+ for a miserable 24Hz-15kHz.. SERIOUSLY? What a frigging scam THAT is), Shure SE115m+ ($120), and arguably closest of all, the Sony XBA-3.
  • For $130, I'd expect the body of these to be made from metal, not plastic and the wires to be fabric coated, not rubber/plastic. Hell, the $90 V-Moda earbuds I picked up a few years back were metal/fabric. Not surprisingly, they are the only pair of earbuds that have lasted me more than a year.
  • trollCharles Bonn Windsor, Nova Scotia Icrontian
    Actually for the $133 they are very very reasonable. Both sound and build quality is top notch! The rubber coated cable is less microphonic than fabric coated ones.

    It all a matter or personal choices in the audio game, look at all the people still using Apple Ear Buds when there is so much better available, convenience for some is more important than sound quality and for others it's just a lack of exposure to a quality product. Once they hear a better earphone / headphone they usually never go back to the Apple Ear Buds...

    The opposite thing happens with the Beats by Dre phenomenon... The fashion statement is far more important than any sound quality will ever be. To Monster's credit they did their homework well in marketing them, a youth target who mainly listen to Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, only care about Bass Quantity not Quality and peer approval.

    There are a multitude of earphone / headphone choices out there, check the specification's and read the product reviews, ask those in the know i.e. Not the Dude at Best Buy... :)

    Do your ears a good thing, it's all about the sound!

    If you think that $133 is too much to spend on earphones, then I respect that everyone does not have the same passion for this hobby that I do. :)

    Just for fun listed below are three "Top Tier" earphones that are universal fit, you can also get CIEM's which are moulded to your ears.

    All are around $1500 and there is not a fabric coated cable to be found anywhere :)

    AKG K3003

    FitEar TOGO! 334

    final audio design FI-BA-SS

    And for the CIEM here is a nice package from JH Audio starting at $1748

  • Right on, man. I've been drooling at some IEMs - and I don't mean K3003. I mean stage grade - specifically a lovely shop called JH Audio. I will point you all to the JH16 Pro's. (They're much easier to get than the FitEar Pro series.)
    That is not a typo - they are $1200. They do not have a braided cover on the cord. They do not have the frequency response range of the DUNUs. They also use pretty much the exact same silver cable with silicone insulation. And while flat frequency response is all well and good, when you're working with a true analog synthesizer? Range is incredibly important.

    Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat where they won't fit my ears. Otherwise, they'd likely be replacing my Koss Pro4AA's. (10Hz-25kHz, $100, but about 3lbs. Ugh.)
  • trolltroll Windsor, Nova Scotia Icrontian
    JH Audio makes some beautiful product, way out of my price range though... :D
  • SonorousSonorous F@H Fanatic US Icrontian
    You have to remember that frequency response is marketing ploy that's been misleading consumers for the better part of 20 years now. Yes the overall frequency response might be 16Hz to 26kHz, but at what SPL is the 16Hz at? If there is a steady roll of in SPL from 100Hz to 16 yes, the drivers are producing sound but it may be a 80dB lower than say 2kHz. A 3dB increase doubles powerl, however, it's commonly accepted that 10dB increase in SPL is what our ears perceive as twice as loud. You really have to look at graph of the frequency response to know what you are going to hear.
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