Bright's Brief and Bushwhackingly Banal Bill of Bumbling

brightbright Icrontian
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This will be easy.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Final Fantasy X-2 on PS2
Portal 2 Singleplayer
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
The Witcher 2


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    It is I who hath done his worst upon this day.
  • brightbright Icrontian
    I don't even know what that means.

    I've put 8 hours in Skyrim, the fact my laptop can play it at all surprises me. But I'm done until I build a pc, because it's borderline unplayable. I had a lot of fun despite the slow downs. I can see how a Jackie Skyrim came to be.

    I'm going to focus on Kotor during the day, and Amnesia at night.
  • brightbright Icrontian
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    I am a little girl.. I don't want my oil to run out, and I can hide in the dark. But the dark scares me, I hear loud high-pitched noises.. I'm so scared he'll find me. My hands shake everytime I grab a tinderbox.. I can't use them though, have to save them.. if I run out...

    I mixed some disgusting chemicals together and put them in a chemistry pot, used it to remove this yucky stuff blocking me. I almost walked in circles, but I knew where to go. I jump down this cellar door, and run down a path and go through the door.

    Ah, I can't see, what's going on, oh no, not again, ahhh make it stop! ... Water.. so much water, up to my knees. I hear splashing but I'm not moving.. I'm scared, if I close my eyes all the bad things will go away!
  • brightbright Icrontian
    Skyrim for 44 hours, and enjoyed most of it. Laptop causing Skyrim to slow down all the time, lowering my accuracy, and making entering and exiting doors a challenge for the calm and patient. I became Listener of the Dark Brotherhood and killed a few irritating guards with my godly powers (~ *left click* kill). Near the end I finally decided to visit the Greybeards. Instead of going up the path from Riverwood I felt like starting where I was which led nowhere. Having too much Pride to give up, I grew wings (~ TCL) and ran up the mountain. It never got tiring to yell someone into the air, and fall to the ground. Next time I'm learning that before I do anything else.

    KOTOR lasted 17 hours before I gave up. Grey lines would appear in various places at various angles. Sometimes a few, sometimes they filled the sky. Various disagreements with combat, and not being a fan of star wars prevented me from having too much fun. I did help some Wookies before I uninstalled so that's nice.

    I haven't played Amnesia in awhile for various reasons (tiny baby coward baby) but I'm sure I'll... yeah.

    Final Fantasy X-2 is enjoyable but I get burned out easily with FF games. I've played 10 hours+ though I doubt I'll finish. I'm going to watch a Let's Play of it to see everything I missed.

    With these calculations, I have my list down to Amnesia, Brink, Magicka, Portal 2 Single-player, and The Witcher 2.
  • brightbright Icrontian
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    I'm checking off Brink because there's no ending, and I steadfastly refuse to lose anymore time to this terrible game.

    I've lost interest in finishing Amnesia because I've seen it from start to finish by TheRPGMinx, and Day9. I started watching Day9's Amnesia run again because it's really enjoyable. Day9 Scary Games Playlist.

    I really don't want to spend time playing Magicka, Portal 2 Single Player, or Witcher 2. Instead I'll enjoy them vicariously through others.

    Good luck everyone else.

    **TL;DR: ** small time getting smaller

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