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The skinny. I have a bunch of spare weapons normally on hand that I have not smelted yet. Normally everything goes into becoming scrap metal but instead I am offering them up for people who would like them. This is in the spirit of if you haven't gotten a weapon dropped or unlocked that you would like simply post and if I have a spare it is yours or I will ear mark one for you in the future. Of course I need you to be a forum member of Icrontic with a post history of 50 or a member for 1 month(this is to make sure you are ONE OF US!). Please do not abuse this as I want to put back something into the community, if other people want to join me PM.


  • Would it be possible for us to more or less come together as a community and combine our "extras" and "unwanteds" to create (or have digi trade for) some super special hat that we name the Ivan and pass around among each other from time time as a token of being awesome? Like, hey _k_ did something really generous he gets to wear Ivan for the next month and then he picks the next person.

    Just a thought.
  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
    Digi and I have already kind of talked about something like that. Essentially the thought process was one person is the front man to the group that provides a blind trust that people can donate into, be it metal-weapon-misc. And the items are either sent back into the community with purpose to fill a request, used to barter for a goal item, or possibly come up with alternate give away items(yeah it is a mystery and a stretch objective).

    Thus you have many-one-many but not one person holds everything but simply tracks assets and request. Trading for a really rare hat/misc. would be a lot of ear buds.
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