HTC Thunderbolt Security warning and S-ON

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So long story short I have this thunderbolt that is not working any longer. All of this happened over a year ago so I am vague on what I did to get the phone in its currently ruined state. It was rooted with the stock image and after trying to put a CM rom on it that didn't work I mistakenly booted into the phones recovery instead of clock work. I now get a security warning and it is now s-on. If i do a recovery or factory reset it just boots back into the bootloader. If I mess around with it, it will eventually boot normally but the current ROM is all buggy and certain features don't work. I have ADB working and can see the device but I am not really sure how to proceed.



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    Download an HTC Thunderbolt RUU and restore it to actual factory defaults at every firmware level. Do whatever you want from there.
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    Again, I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs of stuff. So I am down loading the latest RUU I can find. From what I gather all I have to do is place that on the root level of my SD card, boot the bootloader and use hboot to flash the RUU, am I correct in this? I have been trying several different ways to get this fixed over the last week and I have hit that point where I am losing track of what I have tried.
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    The RUU is an executable that you run from the PC. IT will restore every partition on the phone--radio, ROM, bootloader, recovery--to factory conditions. They're typically about 500MB in size.
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    Awesome. I'm trying to learn about this stuff so I don't ask these stupid questions but sometimes the easiest solution is the hardest to find. Hope it works.
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