Two development boards for sale at a great price.

trolltroll Windsor, Nova Scotia Icrontian
Greetings All!

If you know anyone who is looking to get into ARM Cortex M3 or Renesas RX62N programming / development then either of these boards would be a great asset for learning.

I am looking to raise a little cash for a C&C BH Portable Headphone Amplifier and have decided to sell off these two boards. I never really got around to using or implementing these in any projects, they are just gathering dust and really should be put to use.

TI Stellaris EvalBot
EKB-UCOS3-EVM (Assembled & Complete with Book from Micrium's site in PDF format) $50

Reneses RDKRX62N Demonstration Kit
Renesas YRDKRX62N board with Redpine Signals Wi-Fi board. (Complete with Software) $75

Pictures can be supplied of all items.
Reasonable offers will be accepted.
$10 should mail either one to US or Canadian destinations.
World Wide or faster shipping will have to be calculated.



  • allenpanallenpan ThunderBay, Ontario, CAnada Icrontian buy or not to buy, dont like TI's CCS studio, but do like robot kit, dont like uTCPIP, but do like simple robot dev...but i already got a big robot that i built...
  • trolltroll Windsor, Nova Scotia Icrontian
    Thanks for having a look @allenpan if you need any pictures or more info just let me know.

    It's a great little bit of kit for what is included on the board. USB, USB OTG, Ethernet, OLED Screen, I²S Audio...

    I have a network game running on it right now for the neat factor.
    When you power on the EvalBot, it uses dhcp for an IP address, the little OLED screen tells you telnet to it's IP and voila you are in the Colossal Caves Adventure game served up by the EvalBot.

    As for a "Robot" aspect of it, there are two motors and a pair of decent looking gear boxes, the wheels are just round circuit board cutouts with holes for the position sensor...

    I didn't have any full IDE's and the ones included are 32K limited, combine that with my lack of embedded programming knowledge and I can't really comment on any of their merits or faults.
  • trolltroll Windsor, Nova Scotia Icrontian
    Bumpity Bump... :)

    I would really like to see these boards go to a new home and be enjoyed.

    So I am going to drop the price, a mere $100 will take both items and I'll pay for postal shipping in Canada or the Continental USA.
    This is a really Great Deal!

    If you want picture or a skype call to know this is a legit sale and these are working boards just let me know.
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