ICMC: The Nether Hub

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I grow tired of the kluge that is our nether. It is time for a proper Nether Hub.

I am going to start, as early as today, clearing out a 35 block diameter around the current nether portal. I am going to start by building a 35x35x7 cobble box (inner dimensions) and then building within it. I will do my best to leave any signs and exits that currently exist but the exits will have to be moved eventually. I will put any materials I end up with in a chest if I have to take out anything significant.

End result will be a circular hub that has 20 exits. Once they are done, users of the Nether will claim an exit it can use it to connect to their Nether base/portal. If we end up needing more exits, we can add another layer on adding 20 more exits.

The design of the Nether Hub will allow for a 5x5 face and 2x5 "patio" at each exit that can be customized/decorated to be easily recognizable. This customization is a bit limited so we can keep the uniform look of the hub. All bricks on the face must be filled with blocks leaving only a 1x2 or 3x3 exit. The patio must remain the same level as the hub floor.

Any help is appreciated. The following materials will be going into the design of the Nether Hub and donations are highly appreciated:

-Nether Brick
-Stone Brick
-Sand Stone
-Redstone Lamps (Need Glowstone)

Also I will be moving town's Nether portal over to the other side of spawn. This is where Grand Central will be.



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