GW2 Super Adventure Box Soundtrack Available

RahnalH102RahnalH102 the Green Devout, Veteran Monster Hunter, Creature EnthusiastNew Mexico
If you've kept up with GW2 then you know that for ArenaNET's April Fool's "Prank" this year, they've created a new jumping puzzle mini-dungeon called the Super Adventure Box, "a massive jumping puzzle as a love letter to the 8-bit games of yore." The box was created by an asura named Moto, there are special "bit" weapon and backpack skins and, and more awesome tributes. Even a 80's to early 90's style commercial. Dat lighting!

Naturally, they created a full set of 8-bit music to go with the mini dungeon, and they have been so kind as to release the full soundtrack for the dungeon on Soundcloud for download. 18 tracks of nostalgia inducing goodness. If you're into that sort of thing.


  • CrazyJoeCrazyJoe Winter Springs, FL
    So I hate jumping puzzle games with a passion, but Asurans are cool, so is anyone up for this?
  • RahnalH102RahnalH102 the Green Devout, Veteran Monster Hunter, Creature Enthusiast New Mexico
    I'm in. Most evening I'd be able to join in.

    Jumping puzzles are actually a favorite of mine so I'd be down. I don't see the jumping being too difficult if it's all based off of classic games. It does require a normal dungeon group I believe.
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