Working on my Flexibility

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Ok so I guess this goes in the fitness thread.

I am by no means out of shape I am 6 ft 4 in at 198 lbs. I can hop on a tread mill and run 5 miles no problem and I am outside all the time doing yard work, chopping wood, running after kids, and just loving life. My problem is I am not flexible at all! I cant touch my toes and my muscles are always tight. Since I now have a desk job my legs and arms are really tight and cramp up due to lack of mobility 9 hrs a day.

So in comes DDP Yoga. OMG YOGA!!!!! Yep Yoga! First off I never wanted to do yoga. The only reason I'd even watch someone do it is if they are hot and in yoga pants!

I was doing my research about gaining flexibility and up pops a video with Jake the Snake Roberts talking with DDP about what DDP yoga has done for him. I was like whoa DDP!! A guy that when I was a kid I loved watching wrestle is doing it! As they say this isn't you mamas Yoga!

The reason I chose DDP yoga is the fact that its not just yoga, By the time I was done with my first two days I was soaked and dripping with sweat.

I plan on keeping this updated with progress and I will take a before picture tonight and get it up even tho I started on Monday. Even tho I am not going to loose weight I will probably get more toned and that's a progress worth tracking also

So far my first 3 days following his schedule have been brutal for me. My muscles scream when I do my workouts and I drip sweat and I am pounding back the water while doing it. My heart rate constantly stays between 130 and 150 during the workouts. My back which I have bulging disc is already not as tight as It was. and my knees that I have had multiple surgeries on are holding up fine ( thats what I am always looking out for ). I am sitting here typing this at work and my muscles are not cramping up. So this is a good thing

Updates to come!


  • edcentricedcentric near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian
    You might also look at Foundation Training. Great core routine.
    I had some surgery this year and was afraid that it would take for ever to get back into shape.
    This has allowed me to start working out again without fear of blowing my back out.
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    How is DDP working out for you? I was seriously considering it for easing myself back into fitness post human-expelling.
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    edited August 2013
    Its working amazing, I'm Down about 5 Pounds, I wasn't trying to lose it but It kinda just is the cause of it. I'm doing it about 3 days a week and I am staying really flexible and feel great, When I started I was about 6'5'' and 198 ish As above I wasn't really out of shape

    Annes I just downloaded it off of KAT
  • BandrikBandrik Elkhart, IN Icrontian

    I just downloaded it off of KAT

    KAT? Had to google that... are you referring to "kickass torrents"?

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