Folding for my Grandmother.

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I am going to start folding again. My Grandmother has alzheimer's and I want to cure it for future generations. I have resources I am not using for the common good and it's awful. The time has come to make a real effort in making a difference.


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    The Folding@Home team hasn't seen a lot of love from your resident developer in a few years. But that will change. :ninja:
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    So I now have an i7 2660K@4.2/GTX 480, Q8300@3.2/HD 5770, Q6600@3.4/9800Gt, an i5 something at work I got permission to fold on and my laptop with a P8400/NVS160m. Once my GTX660ti comes in everything will trickle down and that dated 9800gt will be retired, but everything is back up. See you at 1 million.
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    It will be a looooong time to get where you are at @csimon. :p
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    Back in the top 5 producers!
  • People keep knocking me down :( At least I'm still top-10, for now.
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    I don't know where my 16k comes from.
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    ardichoke said:

    People keep knocking me down :( At least I'm still top-10, for now.

    But you get up again. They ain't never gonna keep you down.

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    I really need to find a reasonably priced Opteron 4180 so I can fill the second socket in my server... double my output in that beast.
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    I'm green! Green means good, right?

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    Tonight a received a phone call from my sister letting me know that my Grandmother had finally passed away. She was a wonderful women with a huge heart. It was expected as her disease had progressed rapidly over the last year and was inhibiting her ability to eat and function in any capacity other than laying in a bed unable to care for herself. The news is both sad and welcomed at the same time and I can finally take some comfort that she is no longer suffering and can rest. A little over two years ago I made a false statement that I would keep fighting to help cure Alzheimer's for future generations. I fell short on my word and stopped my contribution. I know that no amount of effort on my part would have prevented this day, but maybe it will help some one else get to keep their family member a little longer and in better health. Today I renew a promise I made to my Grandmother. One I plan to keep this time. :fold:

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    We just had the service for my Grandma. It was a good service and she was surrounded by her family and friends. It wasn't an overly sad affair, but there were some tears and my Mom read a beautiful letter she wrote.

    I don't need a further reason to continue on my quest to help cure Alzheimer's, but this has served as further motivation for my charge.

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