Bitcoin / Litecoin mining, anyone doing it?



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    I haven't used Cryptsy, but don't plan to after hearing about the possible shadyness (that admittedly I don't fully understand). The one time I bought Doge, I first bought BTC on Coinbase, transferred it to Vault of Satoshi, sold it back to USD, and then bought Doge. All of that was just to avoid having to mail VoS a certified check through certified mail. Coinbase's verification was still annoying, but not as annoying as physically going to the bank and post office.

    Sadly, VoS closed USD trades, but soon they'll open Crypto-Crypto trading and the same process would work again.

    I hear Kraken is the new hotness being promoted on /r/dogecoin, but I've not checked it out yet. I don't anticipate buying any crypto for awhile, though, since I'm not a savvy enough investor to make it worthwhile.

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    Thanks for reminding me to get one before they sold out! Best use of Ð56k ever.

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