New hobby..? (Mudders)

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So hello folks,

I know I don't post on here much, but this seemed worthy. MUDDERS!!!!! Holy crap are they fun! Let me explain. Since I left the military, I never really concerned myself with trying to stay in shape. Mostly because that thing called exercise, well I felt like I was allergic to it. Several years, I tried running, would get a few months in, and then fall off. Now, earlier in May, a few friends of mine said, DOC!, lets go play in the mud, it'll only cost you 50 bucks, and its only 3 miles, and there are only 12 obstacles. So I said, Hell Yeah! It was a blast! One of the best parts was an obstacle they called the slip 'n slide. They had an old wrestling mat, about 50 ft long, draped down the bank into the lake, and were pumping water onto it. You came up on the slide from behind, and slid down about 30 ft, and the course continued around the lake before curving back into the woods. Well Chester, my buddy, went down first, and we had the guy adjust the water so you actually slid down. So I take my turn and it worked perfectly. I get up and knock the sand off, and Chester say, "Lets go again"! Next thing I know, we are climbing our way back up the bank so we can slide down again.
These events are fun, and that first one was put on as a fund-raiser for the Iowa Wrestling Team. It has definitely motivated me to start training, because I'm not just working out for working outs sake. Training for something is the way to go, in my humble opinion, if you want to start getting into shape. The best part is most of these events offer a fun run, where the time is just for you, and the distances vary, but 5 Ks seem fairly common. 5 K is only 3 miles. Broken up with obstacles, it doesn't seem like it either. To date, I weight in at: 210 lbs. Some of this is from work, but I can't even remember the last time I looked at a scale and it said that. So there, new hobby. Good day.


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    Oh boy, it's way too late for me to be up after a hard day. I first saw the thread title and thought it said... New hobby..? (Murders)

    NM... carry on. :hair:
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    Doc, that's great to hear! I did my first mudder with my brother back in November (the weekend after ICOK actually, lol) and it was a blast. Cold as all getup, but a definite blast! Glad to hear you found a great motivator to get back to being physical. I know the "exit military, why workout" feeling and if it weren't for boxing I'd probably be 500lbs, haha!
    When's your next one?
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