Nerd Night @ Old Miami

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Thursday June 27th happens to be Nerd Night, and the venue has moved from Tangent Gallery to Old Miami, which is a good thing because Old Miami is a little bit closer and Tangent is in a sketchy hood. This month's nerd night theme is superheroes. From the event page:
Nerds Assemble!

Come join us for some superhero shenanigans as we've got Scott Vertical talking Superman, David Moan talking Batman, and Ben Criger talking Robocop. The Michigan Science Center will be bringing some super toys for you to harness your powers with, too. And there may also be paint.

Also, we're having our first costume contest! Dress up as your favorite superbeing (yes, original heroes are welcome and no, we don't have any restrictions on types of heroes). There will be prizes.
Register here for $5:

Let me know if you're in so I can figure out who is going. We'll all walk together and since it will be dark by the end we'll bring flashlights and walk back together. 21+ only.

Old Miami is my favorite bar in Detroit. There's graffiti on the wall in the bathroom that says, "You haven't experienced Detroit until you've taken a shit at the Old Miami." You'll understand when you get there. It is a veteran's bar, and MIAMI stand for "Missing in Action Michigan." They have a backyard with a bonfire, and they usually serve Ghettoblaster, a locally brewed beer, for $3 a pint. Cosplay encouraged!


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    This overlaps with like 4 events.
  • djmephdjmeph Detroit Icrontian
    I meant to look that up before I posted this, sorry. I guess it would still be an option for anyone who wants to skip the food tour, makeup class and Civ5. I'd be hard pressed to skip the food tour for this unless there is a lot of interest. They don't serve food at Old Miami.
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