Pre EPIC - Giant Catan

QCHQCH Ancient GuruChicago Area - USA Icrontian
It began as most small islands do... a few small villages founded by four peaceful races. Purple People from Purpleapolis were a quiet folk... they were the first to settle. The Green Giants of Giantville, seeing how lush the island was, settled right behind the Purple People. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to make their parents proud, the Brilliant Blue Buccaneers settled next. The final residents to settle were the Raging Red Rangers hoping for a slice of the sweet island.

All was peaceful for a while... then the fight over resources, roads, and ports began just as the new citizens of these different races prospered and expanded. This island could not possibly contain all these races for long. The road system developed by the Brilliant Blue Buccaneers stunned the other races... But with so many things in life, when you cannot own, you overthrow and take by force. The Brilliant Blue Buccaneers were singled out often for being clearly the best rulers of their race. Kind, thoughtful, and honorable were the Brilliant Blue Buccaneers.

Thieves began wandering the island unchecked. The other races began to steal all the life sustaining resources of the Blues... it was so sad that they could not just accept the rule of the Brilliant Blue Buccaneers instead of resorting to petty theft and infighting.

As the Brilliant Blue Buccaneers, led by Lord @MAGIC and @QCH, fought to not be pushed out, the Giants, lead by the lords @CB and @Midga, began to make a strong push towards a total dictatorship of the island. Pushing the Giants, the Purple People, lead by @sharkydart and @pirateninja, vied for their chance to own the islands. The Rangers lead by @CrazyJoe and @sonorous, found luck was not on their side often but fought valiantly.

While the Buccaneers did not like the political struggles that are required to survive on the island, they excelled at "The Game". The Buccaneers secretly planned to leap ahead of the Purple People and surprise the Giants with one mighty final strike. The plan was sound… no one knew that the Buccaneers has two secret items. The island knew that the Giants had 80% of what they needed to own the island but assumed they had another 10% in reserve for maybe 90%. The Purple People looked to have 50%, anther 20% from ruling the roads, and maybe another 10% in reserve for 80% of what they needed. The Rangers looked to have 60% with another 10% in reserve for a total of 70%. The Buccaneers showed 60% of the needed power but no one realized they had 20% in reserve and a plan to overtake the title of King of the Road and 20% advantage which would allow them to, once and for all, gain total control of the island.

The plan was set but time was seemingly not on the Buccaneers’ side. The Giants were so close and the Buccaneers needed lady luck to smile upon them… and smile she did. The Buccaneers rallied their resources and ended the battle for the island, stunning the other races.

And that is how @QCH and @Magic became rulers of the Big Beautiful Blue Buccaneer Island... And life was good.


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