Bioshock Infinite Micro Stutter

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The Micro Stutter I'm experiencing in Bioshock Infinite is the most severe I have ever encountered. The developer released a fourth patch in late May that was supposed to address the issue, I'm not sure if it was worse prior because I just stated playing the latest patched version. Is it destroying my enjoyment of the game? I'd say no, it's that that severe but it's bad enough that I'd love to fix it. I've tried adjusting several settings, V Sync on/off, AA, Texture Filters, DX11 effects on/off, nothing impacts it.

I'm running a crossfire configuration with two 7870's, An FX 6300 for my CPU, 8 GB of DDR 1600, and the game is loaded on a Vertex 4 drive, so I don't think I should have any major performance bottlenecks. I run at a fantastic frame rate but every two minutes or so it just hitches to a point where it looks like a one second slide show, corrects itself, then off to the races for the next two minutes until it does it again, it's kind of annoying.

Anyone else experience this? Have any suggested fixes?

@Thrax Is this going to be my answer?

If so, need any beta testers? ;*)


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