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shwaipshwaip bluffin' with my muffin Icrontian
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I've got a duron 950 (spitfire). Should i put it on gromacs? It only has 3dnow, no sse. What do you guys think?


  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    Yes, since gromacs also use 3DNow. Just don't use the forceasm switch.
  • NecropolisNecropolis Hawarden, Wales Icrontian
    edited July 2003
    A duron will fold gromacs fine. IC16-UK is a AMD thunderbird and only had 3dNow. Folds them fine. Its getting around 200pts a week and its only running at 1Ghz
  • profdlpprofdlp The Holy City Of Westlake, Ohio
    edited July 2003
    See my sig - I have two T-Birds folding Gromacs quite nicely.

    Just ask all the people I've passed this week!:D


    PS: If you haven't done so already, please give us your input in the “Utilities Discussion – Week2” thread under General Software!!! This week we are asking for your recommended programs in these categories: HD Speed benchmark, CD Drive Speed Benchmark, Video Performance benchmark:nudge:
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