Final Fantasy VII now on Steam



  • CantiCanti =/= smalltime

    The one on the left isn't still in it's original packaging or anything.

    yes it is
  • d3k0yd3k0y Loveland, OH
    I never did finish this game, probably one of the worst RPGs I have ever picked up.
  • UPSLynxUPSLynx :KAPPA: Redwood City, CA
    I hate to say it, but both @canti and @bhhammy make good points for why we may never see a full remake :(

    Also I still have my original PS1 copy. Snuggly back home in California. Greatest hits version though.
  • BandrikBandrik Elkhart, IN
    I'd love a FF7 remake on PS4. Barring that, I would be content with a new game with a world similar to it. I loved FF7's magic-and-tech environment. In fact, I actually really liked the high-tech world of FF13. However, 13 just did not allow any sense of being able to "stop and smell the roses". Very little room for exploration, which FF7 did have.

    I guess I just want more games that have both guns AND swords. Flamethrowers AND spellslingers. I'm tired of Tolkien-esque fantasy RPGs, and I'm tired of action games with nothing but guns.
  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI
    Found this on reddit because of this picture:

  • BandrikBandrik Elkhart, IN
    Gamerboner. I'll have to check that out sometime.
  • This game sold me a Playstation.
  • BandrikBandrik Elkhart, IN
    Sale alert! This is now a Steam flash sale item, 33% off making it about $8. Seven hours remain as of the time of this post, so don't delay!

    Sure, not a huge sale, but it helped me get off the fence and buy it.
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