Gnex took a dump, halp

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So my Gnex blew a gasket yesterday as I was driving home. I had it plugged into my car charger when it suddenly shut down and wouldn't boot. I had to unplug the charger before it would star booting, then I plugged the cable back in and it died almost immediately. Shortly after that, I smelled burning electronics. Quickly pulled out the charger cable to notice the end had melted and burned inside my phone. Not sure if it was a faulty cable (had been using it for almost a year now) or corrosion in the micro USB port in my phone.

Came home and tested two other cables to find the phone melting all of them. So now I've got a working phone that I cannot charge up. I just ordered a wall-mount battery charger so I can at least charge the battery and keep using my phone, but anything USB-related is out of the question at this point.

As most of you know, my contract at SEGA ended late last week, so I no longer have income. Buying a new phone isn't really in the cards right now, unfortunately. I'm still on T-mo, so if I -can- find an appropriate deal, I'd probably be up for it. I just would rather hold off until I get a new job so I can buy a top tier phone and be done with it.

As for my Gnex, I'd like to repair it if possible. I'm not capable of taking it apart and replacing the entire USB strip - but I was wondering, perhaps it needs cleaning? Would that possibly fix it? If so, what materials are safe for such a task?

Other than that, if anyone knows of any good deals or something, I'm all ears. I'm currently back to using my hella old T-mo G1, and it's painful to say the least.


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    You need to replace the charging board. Parts on eBay, many videos on YouTube, actually not very difficult. This is the best you can do.

    Used Nexus 4s are probably cheap.
  • I could sell you my Nexus One for a reasonable price. I'll throw in the extra battery and the "universal" cell phone battery wall charger doohickey I have as well.
  • SnarkasmSnarkasm Madison, WI
    I could part with my GNex and dock if you're interested. Battery's probably not the strongest at the moment since it's been acting as an alarm clock for me, but if you're in a rough patch and can't make the repairs work, let me know.
  • UPSLynxUPSLynx :KAPPA: Redwood City, CA
    Ok, @snarkasm @ardichoke I'll let both of you know. I'm going to wait for the battery charger to get here and see how bad life sucks with only that, then I'll make a call on repairing it. If I decide against that or manage to really screw it up, I'll call for your help.

    I'm also just thinking about grabbing a new handset through T-mo, but I don't really want to put the extra premium on my bill/payout before two years if I get another handset.
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    Bobby... It's come to this. We're coming to your apartment in ten minutes. We're drinking there whether you are home or not.
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