Origin Humble Bundle for charity

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI
This is a pretty skankin' awesome deal: You get quite a few AAA classic EA games, all on Origin, for any price. ALL proceeds go to charity, and some of the games even give you Steam keys:


Any price gets you :

Dead Space 3
Dead Space
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Medal of Honor
Mirror's Edge
Soundtracks for The Sims 3 and Battlefield 3.
Steam keys for Dead Space, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Medal of Honor, and Mirror's Edge

Beat the average to also get The Sims 3, two expansion packs in The Sims 3 Starter Pack, and Battlefield 3.


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    Already done did bought. Going to have an extra key for a few games.
  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares
    I may only play one or two of those games, but I'll donate to charity.

    Anybody want Sims 3?
  • _k_k P-Town, Texas
    I am giving away two of these Humble Bundles to established IC members.

    Post a picture of what you think goes on in ICHQ when we are not around, let the games begin!
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX
    I may only play one or two of those games, but I'll donate to charity.

    Anybody want Sims 3?
    DigiKid would if you would be so kind :-) Bonus: make an 8 Y/o's day


  • NiGHTSNiGHTS San Diego
    Appears that the Steam + Origin versions of the games essentially give you two copies of the game (one to gift, ...or I guess play both on separate services if you're weird like that).

    EA is also donating all profits to charity, if you missed it on the site. In b4 just trying to get new Origin accts.
  • pigflipperpigflipper The Forgotten Coast
    I got excited when I saw "Origin" and then disappointed when it turned out it wasn't repackaged Origin games that would run on a modern rig.
  • UPSLynxUPSLynx :KAPPA: Redwood City, CA
    Interesting to note that EA isn't making any money from the donations - you can't even select them on the slider.
  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)>
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    Tax write-off + new accounts = future profit.

    Still, well played EA.
  • Some other person that has dabbled in accounting can feel free to correct me, but I'm nearly positive they can't write this off. The donations aren't being made by them. The only person who can write donations off is the individuals who bought the games, and they can only write off the amount in excess of the value of the games they received. EA could try to write off the licenses they gave away for free but Humble Bundle Inc is not a non profit (they have pocketed about 15 million of the 30 million in revenue) and that would not bode well with the IRS.
  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)>
    That makes sense. I was looking at it the same way I look at donation boxes in grocery stores, the little optional donate button on credit card checkout thingies, and that sort of thing, but I think you're right that it wouldn't work the same way at all in this case.
  • To EA's credit, Steam Keys included on several of those titles. It makes it an easy decision to donate, even if you are Origin adverse.
  • GnomeWizarddGnomeWizardd Member 4 Life Akron, PA
    steam key for battlefield 3?
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX
    Nope. Sims 3 and Battlefield 3 do not get Steam Keys. The other 5 games do.

    I have a spare Mirror's Edge key for any established member who would like to give it a run.

  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like
    I'll take the Mirror's Edge key.
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX
    You got it.

  • Creeperbane2Creeperbane2 Victorian Scoundrel Indianapolis, IN
    Per your request, what goes on at ICHQ when no one's around.
  • _k_k P-Town, Texas
    Sent. 1 left.
  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)>
    That looks like it'd be an... er... uncomfortable ride.
  • CrazyJoeCrazyJoe Winter Springs, FL
    So I just picked this up. For the games that are both Origin and Steam are the keys separate? Can I keep one and give another one away?
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX
    While it may be possible to activate on both systems, this is intended for the purchaser to be able to play however they wish. If you give the key to someone else then you are pirating the software, plane and simple.

  • CrazyJoeCrazyJoe Winter Springs, FL
    That's what I was referring too more than if it was physically possible.
  • CrazyJoeCrazyJoe Winter Springs, FL
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    I already own Battlefield 3 so if anyone wants my key they can have it. Random Pubs need not apply.
  • AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Wut? Meechigan
    And they've just added two more games:

    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (subtitles much?)
  • C&C:RA3 is great. Worth it if only for the Takei/Curry/Simmons C&C campy acting theater. Not sure about the expansion though.
  • _k_k P-Town, Texas
    I still have one copy to give away.
  • CyrixInsteadCyrixInstead Stoke-on-Trent, England
    I bought it but don't have Origin installed. Most of the games can be downloaded through Steam so do I install the Steam versions of the games or Origin? All I ever hear about it Origin is bad things, so maybe it's time to find out what all the fuss is about myself.
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA
    There are only 3 games that required Origin out of that bundle (BF3, Sims, and Dead Space 3). I installed the others via Steam.
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX
    Through the purchase at Humble Bundle you are granted the licence to play on both. Sure, give Origin a shot, if it doesn't work out, play on Steam :)

  • NiGHTSNiGHTS San Diego
    Origin hate is namely direct at EA. The Origin service, itself, is fine.

    But it creates another icon on your desktop, which is a big deal for some people.

  • But it creates another icon on your desktop, which is a big deal for some people.
    Giant Multiplayer Robot doesn't create an icon on the desktop. Maybe that's the problem.

    (Sorry Kenks, everyone else who slacks has had a meme made of them. You are on the verge.)
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