Second half of my diet

erichblas2005erichblas2005 Your Native TexanHouston,Texas Member
I'm in the half way point of my diet. I started around july @ 298lbs. I currently weigh 264lbs and a set goal of 230lbs. I don't have a membership to any gym but eventually I'll get to my goal before november by walking two miles once or twice a week. I want to be there for my son and not six feet under. the only habit I need to break is to stop buying a bag of chips & sour cream and onion dip.


  • AnnesAnnes Tripped Up by Libidos and Hubris Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    Are you making any dietary changes, or just the walking? Keep it up!
  • erichblas2005erichblas2005 Your Native Texan Houston,Texas Member
    Yes like no jack in the crack. Mainly juicing.
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