Egosoft: X Rebirth

IlriyasIlriyas The Syrupy CanadianToronto, Ontario Icrontian

Once again Egosoft is on their way to showing why they're still the pioneers AND the top dogs of the space simulator genre.

The X Series is something I've always believed in, the sheer scope of every game is just incredible a massive lore that runs so deep as to permeate every fiber of the game itself, expertly designed, interesting ships that vary by race. (Always pilot Argon but I've never found it hard to marvel at the ships of other races) Absolutely incredible graphics, (That are amazing on the optimization side of things) and of course the constantly evolving economy of the X series (Sectors continue to function even when they aren't loaded and the change of supply and demand of every resource in the game)

While I feel like I may miss the ability to pilot hundreds of different ships I certainly believe that, for the purpose of a story a single ship restriction (One that, of course can be upgraded however you want as Scott Manly points out) will definitely serve it's purpose, and in the hands of Egosoft I can only imagine will prove to be an incredible design choice.

As par for the course the new game looks like it's going to be beautiful and I'm definitely going to spend yet again countless hours simply staring at the immensely detailed planets, stars, nebulae, etc.


  • pigflipperpigflipper The Forgotten Coast Icrontian
    I have always had great hopes for the X series, but every release seems to be so buggy that it takes years and years before it is even remotely playable. The worst was X3: I bought it in store and the damn manuals didn't even match the game (keyboard layout, menu layout, setttings, etc). I have been skeptical of the series ever since.
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