Working on my Diabeetus

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Everyone has all these fancy weight loss threads (what happened to our spreadsheet with weights?) but instead I am going outside the box!

I started tracking my blood sugar on paper a few months back when my wife and I decided to start trying to have children. My doctor had been yelling at me about my A1C numbers for a while and had suggested that seeing them on paper would make it more obvious how good/bad I was doing with my numbers. I am expanded this into tracking through Google Docs so I can run a few scripts on it and get some more numbers (charts to come later).

So if anyone is interested in looking at my numbers (

Also I am open to suggestions on improving my management of my problem. I have recently started to try to really get into more of a high protein, mid-fat, low carb diet. As for watching that ( I do tend to bend the rules a bit, I still have a bit of a sweet tooth that I have issues keeping a handle on.


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    I don't recommend putting handles on your teeth. Besides making it hard to chew, it could damage your tongue or gums.
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    Well, short and sweet advice is control that HbA1c and take care of your feet/eyes with podiatrist/ophthalmologist checkups.
    Stick to a good diet and you'll outlast your kidneys.

    PS Unless you're on insulin/a sulfonylurea/something else random I'd not bother with RBG testing, HbA1c gives a solid average that correlates well with microvascular damage without spending the earth on lancets/test strips.

  • d3k0yd3k0y Loveland, OH Icrontian
    I take insulin shots on average 5 times a day so I am dropping something like 170 a month on meds
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