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I downloaded the trial McAfee for 30 days. After the 30 I tried to uninstall it. McAfee wouldn't leave using the control panel add/remove feature, & it also took away my audio when I hit the remove button. I finally downloaded a program from Microsoft that took it away. Now my pc doesn't even have a speaker in the bottom rt corner. A scan says that I need the file "sthda.sys on Sigma Tel High Def Audio". Does anybody know what happened to my volume speaker in the corner, & where I can get this file for free? YouTube & Candy Crush are weird without audio.


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    You probably just need to reinstall the driver. List your computer make and model (like HP G56-D), and any "service ID" or other identifier, as well as the version of Windows (Windows 7 x64, for example, available by click start > right-clicking on my computer > clicking properties) and we can provide you with a link to the sound driver that is appropriate.

    On a laptop, most of this information will be on the bottom somewhere, near barcordes. On a desktop, it is usually on the top or back of the case. If you have trouble finding it, let us know whatever info you have and we'll get you closer.
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    Your first mistake, installing McAfee, worst AV on the market.
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    Your first mistake, installing McAfee, worst AV on the market.

    Hmm, yes. Helpful.

    @Lincoln : I think we need another emote.
  • Tushon, the pc I use is an eMachine T3516A. I'm using XP, and after trying all the programs another site told me to try, my pc will haul ass, but I still don't have any sound or volume icon in the bottom rt. I didn't have this site set for notifications. I'm sorry everyone. Its set now. Can I still get some help?
  • Oh yeah, the DirectX also listed that I don't have a sound card. Well, then what happened to it because I sure was jamming on YouTube before McAfee hurt me.
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    I would try downloading this and then taking whatever output comes out as a log file (you might see something like export to file or a specific type) and either uploading that file to a public dropbox/google docs/etc link or into a pastebin link (don't just copy and past here). You can do the same with the dxdiag output and that may help.

    The gateway website doesn't have that computer specifically listed with drivers ... but you could try the drivers listed here. The very first one might be what you need. I would not install something unless you have a non-functional part. If that works, cool! If not, post back and we'll keep digging.

    Oh and to be sure you got McAfee off your system completely, take a run through the instructions here.
  • Here's some more info: Like Tushon said, I went to My Computer, then found other info as well. I forgot that I'm using Intel(R), a Celeron(R) D CPU 3.2GHz, using 32 Bit, & my Device Manager states that my SM Bus Controller needs its driver reinstalled. Now can I get a site or some help on this one ICRONTIC?
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    You also might try something like running the following from a command line box:

    sfc /scannow

    This will attempt to restore core windows files that might fix part or all of the issue (I doubt it, but it won't hurt anything).
  • :coffee: Thanks Tushon. I'm gonna try these apps. I've already used the removal tool from MajorGeeks. It didn't help at all. The VendorDetection didn't seen to do too much either. I'm gonna run over to support.gateway & see what that site you gave me says. I'm starting to nod, so I'll type you tomorrow. :o :o :o
  • I still dont have any audio after trying all this stuff, Tushon. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was in a car wreck. This wacko hit four cars, total. I was the fourth car. Does anybody have any other ideas or trials they think I should try? This is a statement a guy sent me & said to try on another website:

    Go here and download the sound drivers - http://support.gateway.com/us/en/emac/product/default.aspx?modelId=1574

    I downloaded the Intel Audio Studio with a bunch of files, but still have no audio.
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    Yeah the link you used was what I linked as well, so if that didn't work, I'm not sure :/

    Emachines have notoriously bad support lifetimes. You could buy an inexpensive sound card that will have drivers for XP now if you are trying to continue to get life out of this machine. I have no personal experience with them, but something like this should be fine


    You would just want to confirm that you have the appropriate slot available. This is called a PCI slot, which you probably have one available.
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    Yeah, Thanks Tushon. I think I'm gonna go ahead & buy me a cheap 20-$30 sound card for the eMachine. Thanks. If you should happen to come across anything else in the next week, please dont hesitate to let me know. I cant go shopping. I got hit in the back in a car wreck. So I'll still be at home looking on line. Thanks TUSHON!! Thanks ICRONTIC!!
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    No problem! Sucks about the wreck. I know that all too well :/
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