Quiet cooling for x6 1090T

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I gave @marushka my old system but kept my corsair watercooler. We put together the computer yesterday, but the stock AMD HSF is pretty loud/annoying when it ramps up for Diablo 3.

What is a suggested cheap and quiet cooler? No OC necessary.


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    My preference for air cooling is Noctua. Their fans are extremely quiet and their mounting system is second to none.

    If those are out of your desired price range, this is about the best way to select one. Just sort by rating and pick one of the best.
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    The T4 is really quiet(have on my 4770k), barely audible in a silent room and if you have any other noise it is lost in the background. Both use the same mounting and I am not a fan of their silly spring clip.
  • The stock AVC cooler AMD used for 125 watt Phenom II's was effective for it's size because it was loud. If you try to control it in the BIOS it's still some version of loud. It's never particularly wonderful in that regard.

    I'd echo the T4 as a great cheap replacement. If room is a little bit of an issue the Cooler Master TX3 isn't too loud considering that's just a 92mm fan.

    One of my favorite simple replacements is a DeepCool IceEdge 400. It performs on par, at least good enough to cool 125 watts without a major overclock, but if you fool with the BIOS settings a little the fan just isn't there. Your intake and exhaust fans will be audible over it for sure. It's usually had for under $30, it's light, easy to install with an included AMD clip, it's one of my favorite quick replacements for the loud stock heatsink/fan.
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    Have had great luck out of these but not sure if discontinued or just out of stock for now:
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