System freeze may be nVidia GeForce Experience software related

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I have been having a problem for a while with system freezes on my PC which require a hard reset to overcome. Out of frustration, I more or less made it a practice to start my PC and then restart it immediately in order to work around these hard freezes, but then my wife started having the same type of freeze after an nVidia driver update. Rolling it back to the previous driver stopped her freezes, but it got me to thinking about nVidia's driver software. After searching online a bit, I soon discovered other folks are having the same issue which has been resolved in some cases by rolling back to a previous driver. For others, the rollback didn't offer a solution. I then turned my focus not on the display driver itself, but on the GeForce Experience software which is supposed to configure video settings for the latest games among other things. I went to Control Panel and uninstalled the GeForce Experience software only. Since then, my system has had no freezes at all. Just in case there are others suffering a similar fate, you might try uninstalling the GeForce Experience software. (It actually does very little that you can't do for yourself anyway.) FWIW, before doing this, I tried all manner of fixes including clean installs; nothing worked on my PC but this solution has made a big difference in my grin factor.

My PC: AMD Phenom II 965, 8 GB Kingston Hyper X, nVidia GTX480

Wife's PC: Intel i5 2500k, 8 GB Kingston Hyper X, nVidia GTX 560 ti
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