Hey guys, need a little help dealin with a pest called Ultrasurf

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Hey guys, have run into a bit of trouble. I have been using my (spare) personal laptop for all school related matters recently, but was not able to use it at full power due to internal blocks within the School WiFi network. A friend of mine recommended a proxy called Ultrasurf which I have found all too late is a system overwriting piece of shit. So I need a bit of help.
1. A better proxy
2. A way to nuke Ultrasurf with extreme prejudice

I am running an AVG scan to seek and destroy the threat now, I hope that is enough.


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    2. Revo Unistaller is really good at uninstalling programs that have sunk their roots into your system or uninstall but leave behind pieces.

    You might want to try Malwarebytes with whatever this "orginal threat" is. It picks up some things virus scanners don't.
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