Brewdog Tokyo* Tasting

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(don't be fooled by their 12% ABV, this is perhaps a new batch and it is made @ 18.2%) [prepare thy anus]

I found this amazing beer at my local store. There was a single bottle of it, all by its lonesome. Price tag was $15, awful steep for a 355ml bottle but given the rarity and the fact that it's Scoootish, I couldn't resist. Purchased. Tonight, I cracked it open. Here is what happened (sorry, did not take pics).

ok opened bottle
smelling it, it sort of smells like a malty liqour
but my sniffer has never been good, time to pour
my finest beer glass, the westvleteren trappist glass
strong pour has produced a small but notable head, and a very dark brown color
I let the head settle, time for a sip
first, a quick prayer of forgiveness to any diety that may be listening

initial sip is a go, and it feels like I've put a piece of oak bark under my lip.
the bark tastes like it was fermenting in a cask of candy made liquor for a year
it's delightful and strong, but not overpowering
the oak is subtle next to the malt, and comes as a clean aftertaste where as the stout taste dominates the initial quaff
going for another run and looking for jasmine and cranberries as the bottle suggests
mmm herby
cheers scooooooooooooootland
sipping slow, but not like a baby on a teet

the more I sip, the more I taste the oak

I realize this is the bridge. The bridge between liquor and beer. Brewdog makes my life easy. I can't in to liquor, or in to weak beer. I've found a crossroad, and I am not disappointed.

9/10, gg Basil


  • UPSLynxUPSLynx :KAPPA: Redwood City, CA Icrontian
    The BA listing is definitely wrong. When I had Tokyo it was 18%. It's the highest ABV beer I've ever had. By the time I finished the bottle, I couldn't feel my face. Awesome.

    Tokyo rules. It's a top 10 beer for me. I absolutely loved it and will be buying another bottle if I ever get the chance to do so again. Also, I bet that beer would be EPIC cellared for a year or two.

    If you manage to find a bottle of Brewdog's Paradox, drop what you're doing and BUY IT. It's aged in different scotch barrels every year, so the flavors change a lot, but they're always spectacular. Not as high ABV as Tokyo (Paradox Jura was 15%), but it'll still kick your butt. I paid $15 for a 12oz bottle and it was DEFINITELY worth it.
  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)> Icrontian
    Tok(i/y)o is amazing. I'm glad you got the chance to taste it :D I haven't found another since the first one I got :(
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