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My step father owns his own landscaping business and is looking into a mobile solution to accept credit card payments. I don't know too much about them other than the names of some of them (Square, Paypal, etc.) Do any of you have an recommendations on what service to use that charges the lowest fees?

He uses USBank for his business account and they own a company called Elavon, but when looking at their site they charge 2.65% + $0.19 per card swipe and a $10/month fee. The card reader is $25. I have no idea how that stacks up against other payment processing sites, except it seems a bit high to charge $10/month on top of the fees. He would most likely be looking at less than 10 transactions a month with charges ranging from around $200 - $3000 or so depending on the size of the job, so a company that charges a monthly fee seems like it would require quite a bit higher sales volume to justify the monthly fee.

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    Unless you get one of the subscriptions, which is only worth it if you are doing a lot of transactions, the rates are all close enough to the same as to make it a negligible difference, so the big difference is functionality.

    I use Square, and I like it. Their Register app gives you the ability to set up a stock of items with photos and various costs with the option of sales and coupons. It feels like a real transaction to the customer because they have to sign the screen (I keep a capacitive stylus on the table at shows and signings for this).

    Paypal has not as many features, but it's nice for name recognition. Everyone has heard of PayPal, but sometimes people eyebrow my Square reader. They are becoming more known now, however, and I've never had anyone back out of a purchase because of Square (though I did have one woman who was going to pay with card decide to switch to cash when she saw that my phone was my register.)
  • Based on the amount of cash Joe estimated, and Tushon's data, Intuits "save big on rates" is the winner. Although I do think there is some value in the convenience and easiness of Square that needs to be considered even if you pay an extra 1% on the swipe.

    At $5,000/mo (estimate based on "10 transactions a month with charges ranging from around $200 - $3000") volume that 1% ends up costing $600/year.
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    Square is what @Andy, Soley (heating), and my facade restoration contractor all use. Super simple. I get annoyed now when contractors ask for a check or want me to read numbers over the phone.
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    Thanks guys! Since the difference in fees is pretty close to negligible I was looking at recommendations on the functionally. CB, how does it work as far as actually getting the money from the transactions?
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    It gets direct deposited into the bank account of my choice on the next day. (Each day is a lump deposit of all the transactions of the previous day.)
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