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I'm looking for a map/gps android application that doesn't require a network connection. Basically, I need something that will either let you pre-load an area's maps, or that just has a huge database of maps already on it. Something like a satnav, but not a dedicated piece of hardware. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    You want something that uses OpenStreetMap data. Maps that are created then stored on the phone. Below are a couple examples.


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    Google maps allows for offline download and it seems to work for her (my sister ... there must have been some internal editing that didn't go through my fingers). I've never needed it so not explored it myself.
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    Yep, Goog Maps enabled offline caching a few updates ago.
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    Thanks! I'll pass this on to my coworker.
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    Paging @gargoyle for additional expert feedback
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    I was hoping to find something similar for my backpacking trip in a few months. This was helpful.
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    I knew there were lots of offline maps apps, but I'm afraid I haven't used any lately. Reviews of the apps mentioned so far are probably your best bet, but I'll yak a bit anyway.
    Signal said:

    You want something that uses OpenStreetMap data.

    QFT. I've not used either of the apps you mentioned, but any solid app that isn't from a major corp. is going to use OSM data. OSM data is generally very good, and sometimes even better than Google and the like.

    Of course the data doesn't mean anything if the app is crap. Which brings me to Google's latest. I happen to hate it (feels broken compared to old version), but you can get to the offline caching option by clicking on the search bar and then scrolling down to the bottom of the page that pops up. Your experience may vary with how well it caches data, though. Some areas seemed to be missing middle-scale tiles, only to have them pop in once I zoomed in/out some more. Other areas were missing tiles at almost every scale. Offline search doesn't work, and clicking on any POI in airplane mode brings up a network error. It wouldn't hurt to download the area on Google Maps since it's already on your phone, but don't rely on it.

    I used MapDroyd in Europe in 2011 before Google offered offline maps. It suited my needs then, but the interface has changed quite a bit. I just installed it to check it out again. Looks like the functionality is there (including a large POI database), but the usability may be kind of meh.

    I also just installed OsmAnd. It limits you to 10 files to download (one file could be for a state) for the free version, and you don't get the Wikipedia POI until you step up to the paid version. Not played with it much yet.

    I'll post back if I find any particularly awesome apps, but in the meantime, be aware that your phone GPS will probably be much slower without a data connection. My old G2 would need at least two minutes of clear sky view before getting enough GPS data to find the location, but after it had the lock, it could keep tracking it no prob. I tracked my inebriated stumble back to the hostel in Barcelona with it, and while the data was a little noisier than it would have been with a cell signal (e.g. had me bouncing a bit back and forth across the road - and I wasn't that drunk), it certainly did the trick.
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