What I deal with as a high level trader...

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I really do try to be nice. I got added by two different players this morning. I accepted their adds and these are the unedited conversations that played out. (I changed their names because it is irrelevant). These are not the first nor do I expect them to be the last.

Warning: I make no promises that this is interesting or even slightly entertaining. I just wanted to share.
{IC} BobbyDigi: Hi there. I am away from my PC currently sending this from teh Web interface. You should be able to reply to me here or if you want to throw me a trade offer, feel free to do so.
DerpNo1: ok
DerpNo1: do u have keys?
DerpNo1: or stranges?
{IC} BobbyDigi: Yup
{IC} BobbyDigi: and Yup
DerpNo1: can i have 1 strange scatter gun
DerpNo1: ?
{IC} BobbyDigi: ...have?
DerpNo1: like ill trade u
DerpNo1: ok?
{IC} BobbyDigi: Sure. I can;t go into the trade interface right now but if you want to offer here or send me a trade offer, I'll consider your offer
DerpNo1: ok
DerpNo1: wait u mean u cant do this
DerpNo1: that?
{IC} BobbyDigi: I'm chatting with you from the web interface. I don't have steam installed on the Computer I am at. If you send me a trade request, I will not get it.
DerpNo1: ohhhh
DerpNo1: ok
DerpNo1: oh i see the web thing
{IC} BobbyDigi: So you can tell me what you want to offer, or you can go to my profile and click on "More" and "Offer a trade"
DerpNo1: ok
DerpNo1: u mean like that how i sent u?
{IC} BobbyDigi: I see the offer
{IC} BobbyDigi: Unfortunately I'm going to have to decline
DerpNo1: well if u want ill give u my awsome strange flame thrower
{IC} BobbyDigi: The strange weapons you chose are worth far more then what you are offering
DerpNo1: nvm
{IC} BobbyDigi: I wouldn't want you to do that, you look like you use that quite a bit
DerpNo1: no not rly i got that like that
{IC} BobbyDigi: Let me take a look in your backpack and see if there is anything that we may be able to make a deal on
DerpNo1: ok
DerpNo1: dude u there?
{IC} BobbyDigi: Unfortunately you don't have anything worth enough to make a fair trade for the Scatter or the Pistol (My revolver is not for trade).
DerpNo1: ok
DerpNo1: but rly dude ur scatter is is regular strange
{IC} BobbyDigi: ...worth 3 refined
DerpNo1: wat?
DerpNo1: dude plz ill give u ANYTHING!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!
{IC} BobbyDigi: I'm sorry, I'm willing to make a deal but even if you traded everything tradeable in your backpack, it would still be less than 3 refined.
DerpNo1: ok ill make 3 refined ok
{IC} BobbyDigi: You've got a lot of untradable weps, make sure not to use any of those
{IC} BobbyDigi: I would trade you the scatter for 3 ref
DerpNo1: ok
DerpNo1: wait dude ill ask some one to give me 3 refined metal for trade ok
{IC} BobbyDigi: Ok
DerpNo1: dude nobody wants anything for the 3 refined metel
{IC} BobbyDigi: I can tell you why if you like
DerpNo1: i asked and asked but every one says no
DerpNo1: wait wat?
DerpNo1: tell me
{IC} BobbyDigi: If you are trying to trade for refined from the stuff in your backpack, you are not going to get 3 refined...
{IC} BobbyDigi: Your flame thrower is worth abotu a refined but you aould have to find someone who wants to buy it
{IC} BobbyDigi: The enforcer is about a reclaimed (1/3 a refined)
DerpNo1: :P
{IC} BobbyDigi: and you have just over 18 craftable tradable weps that you would be able to make another refined out of
{IC} BobbyDigi: that is only 2.33 for everything in your backpack
{IC} BobbyDigi: So unless you find someone feeling charitable to give you metal, you are nto going to squeeze 3 refined out of what you have in your backpack
DerpNo1: dude nvm i quit i could maybe even unbox the strange scatter gun ill ask 5 more people
{IC} BobbyDigi: I wouldn't suggest you give up. I do not mean to frustrate you.
{IC} BobbyDigi: Consider if you are buying keys that you could trade a key for 7+ refined
DerpNo1: well i rly want a scatter gun that is strange u have about 4 or 5
{IC} BobbyDigi: Unboxing is the best way to lose value
{IC} BobbyDigi: Indeed, but I am a gaming community manager and I have been trading for more than 6 years. I understand where you are at, I was there myself once
DerpNo1: idk wat u mean?
{IC} BobbyDigi: It takes time to trade up for the things you want. If you are willing to buy keys though, unboxing is not the way to get what you want
{IC} BobbyDigi: Unboxing is a roll of the dice at best
DerpNo1: ok
{IC} BobbyDigi: If you have the ability to get a key, you could trade that for 7 refined, buy your scatter for 3 refined and have 4 refined left over
DerpNo1: dude im getting keys at march 1st
DerpNo1: im trying my BEST TO GET a strange scatter gun
DerpNo1: my best
{IC} BobbyDigi: Ok, well I am more then willing to help you through the process once you have a tradable key
DerpNo1: hmmm
DerpNo1: well...
DerpNo1: nvm
DerpNo1: dude im probley about to get a key


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    Never tell your password to anyone.
    DerpNo2: hii
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Hello
    DerpNo2: i have some itens in tf2 but i no can sell why ? :x
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Let me take a look
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Most of what you have is what is reffered to as Unique quality items. You can not sell Unique items on teh market. The Vintage Skullcutter could be sold though it may only go for a few cents
    DerpNo2: but this items are nice ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: They are good for TF2 play, not rare at all so not worth much
    DerpNo2: as worth ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: A couple cents in total
    DerpNo2: omg..
    DerpNo2: (Really Long Link Removed)
    DerpNo2: this item ism good ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I'm not clicking on that
    DerpNo2: HHHH this iteam is good ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: If tradable yes
    DerpNo2: if I use the scrap item and haunted Scottish ax, then I can sell HHHH?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I do not believe the HHHH can be sold on teh market no, but can be traded for keys that can
    DerpNo2: but i no want item tf2 i want trade for items cs go
    DerpNo2: what value does the HHHH?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: If it is tradable at least 3 keys or about $7.50
    {IC} BobbyDigi: But if the metal is not tradable, then your axe will not be tradable
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I don't see the metal in your backpack
    DerpNo2: y , metal no can trade and sell..
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Just the way it is. The metal that is tradable was a glitch
    {IC} BobbyDigi: so it is rarer and worth more
    DerpNo2: so this metal is useless no ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: If it is not tradable, that is correct
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Have you never llogged into your TF2 account?
    DerpNo2: i never play tf2
    DerpNo2: friend give me items
    {IC} BobbyDigi: ahh, I see
    DerpNo2: and he have metal
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Did you preorder CS:Go?
    DerpNo2: no understand
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Did you buy CS:Go before it came out? Before you could play it?
    DerpNo2: no, bought shortly
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Got it. Yea, you do not have any value there at all
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Maybe give the items to a friend that plays TF2, pretty much the best thing you could do with it
    DerpNo2: okok ty bro (:
    {IC} BobbyDigi: No problem. Game on!
    DerpNo2: not have an item that has some value that I do not need to buy some items cs go?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I don't know CSGO prices, but probably not
    DerpNo2: no , you give me 1 item tf2 for i sell
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Hmmm
    DerpNo2: you have so many items :x
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I could trade you a couple crates for the TF2 items you have, they might only sell for 3 cents on the market, of which you would get 1 cent each. May or may not be worth it to you
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I've been collecting since 2007 so yes, I have quite a bit
    DerpNo2: can you give me some so I can sell and buy some good items in cs go? :/
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I wouldn't be able to trade you for anything worth more then what you would be giving me. As I explained, if we traded it would get you about 2 cents
    DerpNo2: yes I know, but you have so many you could give me some items that are worth good money and I want my doute, if not I want to stay with them
    DerpNo2: you ahve 1 item value 27 € :///
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I have single items worth 3 times that
    {IC} BobbyDigi: But I don't get that way by giving stuff away sorry
    DerpNo2: not have an item with a value of 5 € ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I'm sure I've got a few
    {IC} BobbyDigi: but what you have to trade is worth about .01 €
    DerpNo2: you have so many and indifferent to you ...
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Not indifferent to me, If I have something to sell for $5, I sell it for $5 and buy a game
    DerpNo2: thou shouldst have had a 150 € in my bea inventory ... I have 2€ bea...
    {IC} BobbyDigi: bea?
    DerpNo2: Forget the bea
    {IC} BobbyDigi: You think I only have 150 Euro in my backpack?
    DerpNo2: you ahve more ???????
    {IC} BobbyDigi: My backpack is worth more than 733 Euro
    DerpNo2: omfg jesus crist
    DerpNo2: and you no can giveme 1 item very good
    {IC} BobbyDigi: If I gave an item to everyone that added me and asked for one, I wouldn't have anything
    DerpNo2: for me to be king in the middle of my friends? xd
    DerpNo2: i know know , but im special xdd
    DerpNo2: gonna be my friend? xd
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I'm happy to be your friend. Maybe if I ever get CSGO we can shoot at eachother
    DerpNo2: not understand xdd
    DerpNo2: you go give me 1 item ? xd
    {IC} BobbyDigi: You going to trade with me?
    DerpNo2: my items ? i give you all
    {IC} BobbyDigi: For just one item?
    DerpNo2: but you give 1 item veryu good for i buy nice skins guns ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: nope
    DerpNo2: then what of me?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: If you want to trade, I will trade you for items worth the same amount as you trade me
    DerpNo2: and i can sell ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: for about 0.01 euro
    DerpNo2: really ?... you have 733 € and no help me..I'll give all my items, trust you ..
    {IC} BobbyDigi: How did you find me?
    DerpNo2: in market i think , dont remember
    {IC} BobbyDigi: So do you just go around adding random people begging for stuff?
    DerpNo2: not, and you added the other, because my friend gave me these items NBut I do not know anything about tf2 ..
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Ok, well I am happy to educate and answer questions, but I can do without the constant begging for my stuff just because I have it
    DerpNo2: yes I know, so I asked you because if I helped, who already has 700 € can have it all and indifferent less 10€ 10€
    {IC} BobbyDigi: If I was going to give away an item worth 10 Euro, I would give it to one of the many people who I play games with in my community because I know they would use and enjoy it. Sorry not to a random person who added me and would just sell it for another game.
    DerpNo2: ok no problem bro... I'll sleep until tomorrow
    {IC} BobbyDigi: G'night
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    If you get a chance, could you translate any of this into non-trader speak? I mean, I think I understood the part that said DerpNo1:, but everything after that left me confused and scared.
  • ketoketo Occupied. Or is it preoccupied? Icrontian
    Beggars begging for stuff that they don't know what it's worth, or way underestimate worth, or know what it's worth and whine because BD won't give for nothing. Same in every economy known to man. I was rich early in WOW, but didn't make a big deal of it....but others who found out did, the begging was annoying. I wasn't shy about helping guildies move up, but I wasn't just going to hand over hundreds of gold just because someone asked.
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    Digi, you're a saint.
  • Digi, you're a saint.

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    Requit said:

    If you get a chance, could you translate any of this into non-trader speak? I mean, I think I understood the part that said DerpNo1:, but everything after that left me confused and scared.


    So the first part of the conversation with DerpNo1 is me explaining that I was chatting with him through the web interface. A recent addition, you can go to anyone's profile that you are friends with and start up a chat similar to in Steam. You can not receive an incoming chat though. So basically I was at work (While steam was logged in at home) so when I get an add I will accept the add an immediately explain that I am not on Steam at my PC so I am unable to go into the normal trade interface. What I can do is send and accept Trade Offers. A Trade Offer allows you construct a trade from your inventory and a friends inventory. It then sends notification to the other person. They then have the ability to counter offer, decline or accept. If they accept, the items as agreed in the trade are transferred each way.

    After DerpNo1 understood this, he sent me a trade offer consisting of a Strange Enforcer, 3 craftable weapons (one gifted) and 3 uncraftable weapons for a Strange Scattergun, Strange Pistol and Strange Revolver from my backpack. I decline. He then offers to add his Strange Flame Thrower into the deal. I had seen in his backpack that he had almost 1000 kills on it so I try to deflect directly declining by saying I wouldn't want to take it from him as it looks like he uses it quite a bit. He brushes it off saying that it came like that (It didn't. Kills on Strange weapons reset any time they change possession).

    I then tell him I will look in his backpack to see if there is anything I could use. I gave his bag another look and didn't find anything good so I explain that as politely as I could. He then tries to downplay the value of what he wants from me saying my Scattergun "is a regular strange". This means nothing. A weapon is Strange or not. The value is more determined by supply and demand. A Strange Scattergun is low/mid tier Strange worth about 3 refined. I then state that.

    He breaks down and reverts to begging. I explain the position we are in as I have an item that I can go sell for 3 refined rather easily and he doesn't even have 3 refined worth of items to offer.

    He then says he will "make 3 refined". This immediately concerns me that he is going to go craft everything in his backpack to try to make 3 refined. I can see his backpack and while this is mathematically impossible, he also has a hand full of untradeable weapons along with an untradeable reclaimed metal. Untradable weapons come from achievements. If you use them in crafting, the resulting craft is also untradable. So I voice my concern advising him not to craft any of the untradable weapons but if he was to come up with 3 refined, I would trade him a Strange Scattergun for it.

    He then states he is going to ask someone for 3 refined. Figuring he might have other friends online that would hook him up, "Ok". He comes back shortly, within 60 seconds, seemingly upset that no one will give him 3 refined for the items in his backpack. I don't want to just say "it's because you have crap" so I offer to explain if he wishes me to. He accepts. I explain what his items are worth and why he does not have 3 refined.

    He virtually throws up his hands and indicates he is just going to go open some crates. Crates take keys to open, keys worth 7+ refined. So I explain if he has a key to open a crate, he essentially has 7 refined to that he can trade for which he can then trade for his Scattergun. I want to emphasize to him that popping crates is not a very good way to increase the value of his backpack. It is quite the opposite. He points out that he really wants a Scattergun and I have more than one. I explain that if he gets a key, he can get a Scattergun and have 4 refined change without opening any crates. He states that he is getting keys on March first (Maybe when he gets his allowance? I don't know) and then seemingly breaks down again stating he is doing his best to get a Strange Scattergun.

    I explain to him that I would be happy to help him get his Strange Scattergun once he has a key. He hmms, and tells me to never mind. A few seconds later he states he might be about to get a key. A few seconds later he goes offline.

    I spend the rest of my lunch hour poking around the Steam market and browsing Reddit.

    Well that turned out longer than expected. I'll do the other one later.

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    Digi confirmed for angel.
  • IlriyasIlriyas The Syrupy Canadian Toronto, Ontario Icrontian
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    Jeez I don't think I could deal with that the way you did Digi, respect.

    On the note of trading, though I don't really want to bother you with it I don't know what my TF2 inventory is worth, I think I traded all of my metal last season to one of the guys on the Icrontic server but I don't remember so eh it'd be nice to know the value just based off what I have.

    I'm trying to get all the soldier sets and right now I'm trying to grab the 'Airborne Armaments' set.

    I have a strange Market Gardener but I'd really like to get my hands on the other two, a strange Liberty Launcher, and a strange Reserve Shooter the problem herein is that again I don't know what, if anything my inventory is worth, if the items in question exist and in a decent enough quantity I won't bankrupt myself trying to find it and finally how to trade for it in the first place if it does exist.

    tldr sorry trying to gather soldier equipment.
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    Let us continue that in This Thread Ily.

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
    My favorite way to fall for people working on begging/scamming for free weapons is people playing MvM with a horrible loadout so people throw them 1 or 2 weapons because it is what we need to be able to have a chance at finishing the map and then after 1 round they all bail or simply take the free trade and run.

    But apparently simply running around on trading servers and saying stupid things to make yourself seem like you are completely new and don't understand things is a great way to get a lot of free weapons, from what I have read.
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    Forget the bea
  • MrTRiotMrTRiot Northern Ontario Icrontian
    The amount of spelling errors is sickening ...
  • Forgive my ignorance, but if a key is worth 7 refined, why does anyone ever open crates?
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian
    GHoosdum said:

    Forgive my ignorance, but if a key is worth 7 refined, why does anyone ever open crates?

    Some do it for fun, and it is a lot easier than trading but mostly for the same reason people play the lotto.

    There is an estimated 1% chance to unbox an Unusual Hat from any given crate. Those are worth anywhere from $30 to multiple $1000s. There are also some items worth multiple keys in some crates.

  • LincLinc Owner Detroit Icrontian
    I've opened 2 or 3 crates I think. To me, trading isn't worth the time investment of dealing with people like that. I'd rather just see what I get and move on. The thing I do most often is scrap all my duplicate items to build a hat. I've cleaned out my backpack a few times doing that. I used to trade Magic cards and rarely do that any more for the same reason - haggling is bloody exhausting.
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    Derpno2: you no can giveme 1 titem 3 or 4 € ?
    Sent me that on Sunday. I ignored it. He removed me from his friends list yesterday. Good luck in your travels DerpNo2

    DerpNo1 has gone sour.
    DerpNo1 is now Online.
    DerpNo1: dude
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Howdy
    DerpNo1: i got more stranges so can i afford the scatter gun now?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I'll check your bag
    DerpNo1: ok
    DerpNo1: :)so
    DerpNo1: ...
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Ok.. give me a sec to type this out
    DerpNo1: sure
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Going by backpack.tf prices The Strange Beggars
    DerpNo1: ok
    DerpNo1: ?
    {IC} BobbyDigi: the strange resuce ranger
    {IC} BobbyDigi: strange conch
    {IC} BobbyDigi: and strange homewrecker
    DerpNo1: ...
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Would eaqual around 2.66
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I would do the scatter for those 4
    DerpNo1: heck no
    DerpNo1: i think its bad
    DerpNo1: scatter gun maybe is worth like 3 vintages and 1 strange
    {IC} BobbyDigi: No thank you
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I have to go by market price
    He actually joined on the server during this weeks TF2sday. He stated at least once "Anyone have a Strange Scattergun for trade?" Not knowing it was him (he's changed his name multiple times since he added me) I responded "Selling Strange Scattergun for 3 ref." I immediately get a message;
    DerpNo1: not you
    DerpNo1: u dont make good trades:/
    And then he didn't show up on the next map
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Why aren't you playing with us?
    DerpNo1: cuz i suck:?
    DerpNo1: *:/
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    I feel your pain @Bobbydigi. I may not be as hardcore into trading as you are, but I do know how to use the market. I used some of my resources to grab a really nice Deagle in CS:GO with Stattrak (counts kills, similar to stranges in TF2) and I've had a few people make me offers for it.

    A Herp's Tale:
    herp1: trade you eagle for awp graphite?
    herp1: hey
    herp1: men
    herp1: trade pls
    herp1: eagle for ss blood
    herp1 had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.
    herp1: ssg blood
    {IC} cola: nah man
    herp1: *link to his backpack*

    herp1: for you eagle
    herp1: please
    herp1: or awp?
    herp1 had asked to trade with you, but you did not respond in time.
    herp1: please man
    {IC} cola: not interested in trading it
    herp1: for m4a1?
    {IC} cola: tbh, your stuff doesn't even come close in value to it anyway
    herp1: What do you want for it?
    {IC} cola: I'm sorry, but it's not for trade
    herp1: you love ssg?
    herp1: trade eagle for ssg blood and awp?
    {IC} cola: I don't see an awp in your inventory
    herp1: wait
    herp1: *link to someone else's backpack*

    herp1: and ssg?
    herp1: go?
    {IC} cola: that's not on your profile though
    herp1: it will appear at me if you agree to exchange
    {IC} cola: and the steam community total of the items you're offering me is approximately 10$
    {IC} cola: the deagle is worth 36$ at the low end
    {IC} cola: and I happen to love my deagle
    {IC} cola: so appologies, but it'll take quite a bit to make me part with it
    herp1: it will fall in price as these things are not as they are very rare
    {IC} cola: even at field tested, my desert eagle would still be worth 32$, it has stattrak. Your items are common drops
    {IC} cola: I'm sorry, but the value of what you're trying to sell me just won't cut it

    The aforementioned Deagle: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999565562/inventory/#730_2_121921057
  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)> Icrontian
    Love that blue digicamo.
  • CantiCanti =/= smalltime http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9K18CGEeiI&feature=related Icrontian
    I had no idea CS:GO had special weapon skins.
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian
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    I wake up Saturday morning. Sit down at my PC to see what's up on the webs. Oh, I have a friend request.
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Hello
    derpno3: HI DUDE
    derpno3: sry caps on
    {IC} BobbyDigi: What can I do for you today?
    derpno3: you can gift me
    {IC} BobbyDigi: or...?
    derpno3: what
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I'm trying to give you a chance to explain that you didn't just add me to beg for handouts
    derpno3: ill do anything for you just gift me please
    {IC} BobbyDigi: I'm sorry, all my spare stuff goes to a community that I manage
    {IC} BobbyDigi: Good luck in your travels
    derpno3 is now Offline.
    derpno3: its modernwar fare2
    I removed him. As I was clicking to remove him I did notice the chat window stating he was going to say something. I thought, at this point he is just like a beggar in front of the coffee shop. I say "sorry", apologizing for not having any cash on me, wishing him good luck and heading on into the shop for my coffee. Then that last message came up. The Valve gods wanted me to see it as it surfaced a full second after showing the player offline from me removing him. My impression of this player immediately switched up to an annoying looking tween as I am walking through a shop coming up and begging to strangers for $20 to buy a rated M video game. As he turns to beg to me his mom rushes over. Noticeably embarrassed, she grabs his arm and apologizes for her son as she tugs him away never to be seen by me again.

  • RequitRequit That one guy Somewhere over there, I don't know Icrontian
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    Out of curiosity, where do these people find your name? Is there a forum or something that lists people looking to sell their wares? It seems like it'd be a fun place to skim.
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian
    As far as I can tell, 2 places. The Steam Community market and TF2Outpost. The market is where you can see items for Steam Wallet. Outpost is a trading site (item for item listings). Both of these sites have links to your Steam profile on your listings.

    On the flip side, I have had players add me because they want something I have on the market but would like to pay with metal or items. I have had many successful transactions start this way. Luckily, the Derps I post here, so far, are the minority.

  • PinkPink Colour Sweden Icrontian
    You have so much more patience than me. My hat goes off to you, sir.
  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian
    You have hats?
  • UPSLynxUPSLynx :KAPPA: Redwood City, CA Icrontian

    Cola plz.

  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian

    gibe mone

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Noooooo plz

    Im sorry

  • plz

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