Shopping for Surround Speakers

Oh magical audio gurus of Icrontiland. I'm in need of some guidance. I haven't kept up with the specifics of what makes a good set of speakers in quite some time. Up until now, I've just been using a pair of floor speakers that I rebuilt in college for my home stereo. While they work decently well for music, they're not ideal for watching movies or TV shows (which I do far more of these days). So, I come to you for guidance, can anyone point me toward some decent 5.1 surround speakers?

I already have a passable receiver, a Sony STR-DH510, I just need a set of speakers that will work well with it. I don't need the super high-end, mortgage my house to pay for them, audiophile quality ones, just something decent and reasonably priced. I would prefer that they not have permanently fixed cabling, so that I can run my own custom length wire. I would also strongly prefer that they be wall-mountable, though I don't mind having to buy the mounts separately as long as they use some sort of standard wall mount and not a custom one that the manufacturer price-gouges on.


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