My Dad has a question.

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Hey all, since you have been so helpful in the past month to me... I have told my Dad about you all. He has been asking me this question for a while, and I cannot seem to find a good answer for him. Since I do not really know anything about the subject. Anywho, I am going to cut and paste the email he sent me, so that way you all can see it directly. Thanks!

_"Is there an app for iPhone 5 that can shutdown my pc (or restart, wake or what ever) mainly shutdown outside my network (Say I am at the church)

Right now I'm using ISHUTDOWN app

Also I got 1 program but I don't know how to forward a port!

How to setup iShutdown to work over internet?

  • If you want to set up the startup or the shutdown of your computer over the Internet and not only over your local network, you need to forward the port 4505 TCP from your router to your computer (this enables you to shutdown, reboot or put it into standby mode). Furthermore, you have to set up the forwarding of the so called magic packets, which is usually port 9 UDP / TCP from the router to the computer, in order to enable the remote startup. To find out about the process of configuration we suggest using Google by searching for 'wake on lan your_router_model' or 'port forwarding your_routers_model'."

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again all!!!!!! :)


  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)> Icrontian

    I like Splashtop for remote access. With that he could shut it down or whatever.

  • trooster89trooster89 Are you from London? Icrontian

    I've also used splashtop. it makes things pretty easy.

  • Hoodiesgirl87Hoodiesgirl87 Ms. Cincinnati, OH. Member

    thanks guys, ill let him know. and let you know what he thinks of it :)

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Teamviewer. It isn't account based but connection oriented. Not designed for fancy remote gaming or streaming but remoting to another computer.

  • Hoodiesgirl87Hoodiesgirl87 Ms. Cincinnati, OH. Member

    yeah he wants to use it to shut his home cpu down from his cell phone from other locations.

  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian

    Second teamviewer vote. I've used it exclusively since I first tried it a couple years ago. Has remote viewing as the main feature, but you can definitely remotely shutdown/restart (getting it to start up again when off is a bit harder, but you were on the right track).

    For future reference, when you don't know how to port forward for a particular application, try checking

  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian

    Third for Teamviewer. So good.

  • GHoosdumGHoosdum Icrontian

    I fourth Teamviewer. I've been using it for several years and find it very helpful.

  • Hoodiesgirl87Hoodiesgirl87 Ms. Cincinnati, OH. Member

    @Tushon‌ just wanted to say thank you very much for the bit. My Dad called me today and let me know that is what worked for him. Thanks from him.

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