audio problem on my pc connected to my tv

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so, my pc is connected in hdmi to my tv screen, and every time i listen to music / watch a video, if i stop it, try to skip ahead on it, switch to one another to "abruptly" , the sound goes off. i have to go to playback devices, switch back and forth from tv->pc->tv, and then 50% of the time it still doesn't work. i then have to close iTunes and Chrome (and/or whatever else was playing music, i.e.: VLC), then do the back and forth again, then it'll work.

is there a specific reason for this? like, faulty hdmi wire perhaps?

p.s.: if i plug speakers/headphones directly in the pc, this never occurs, so i know it's tv-related, ish.


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    It could be more HDCP related than either the TV or the computer itself. The reason analog works perfectly every time is because there is no digital content protection present.

    When you connect your output via HDMI, the computer and the display device make a digital handshake that ensures you won't be stealing anything.

    Unfortunately, this system isn't perfect, and sometimes those handshake operations can get funked up.

    It's unlikely to be the cable, since a fault in the cable will generally cause it to always fail (usually with a message on either the computer or the display stating that someone isn't HDCP compatible in the chain), rather than go back and forth. But there wouldn't be any actual harm in trying a new one.

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    the thing is, it doesnt just stop whatever i was listening too, it shut down entirely the audio for everything i try to use afterwards.
    there is nothing else that will work after this "hiccups", unless i switch the playback device and shut downs the windows...

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    That's the HDCP. It is the secure connection for the audio. For whatever reason, skipping around causes another handshake that the TV isn't ready for and the secure connection is broken.

    Are your videocard and sound processor drivers up to date?

  • AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Wut? Meechigan Icrontian

    Yeah, that's the only way to get the handshake back.

    From one source:

    Q: Everything was working and now I don't see video on my TV, what do I do?
    A: You may have lost your HDCP handshake so power cycle all devices by resetting them or pulling the AC plug (TV's, cable boxes, DVD players, splitters, switchers, etc - all) and it may come back. Also unplug the HDMI cables, blow across the pins (not in) and re-insert them as a piece of dust may have got in.

    Also an article about HDCP handshake issues (Video but no audio, and a host of other issues):

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    I have a somewhat similar issue between my HTPC and receiver; toggling mute a few times on the HTPC usually triggers another handshake that corrects it.

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