New Beta Maps

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which you can learn about here

there's even a new game mode, which let's you kill the other team's robot.
not sure how it work, but from what i've been doing the past 15min you have to protect robots that are roaming around your base.

anyways, more info to come.

so there also seems to be a giant transistor, that acts like the intel in the capture the flag games.
so protect your robot, attack enemy robot, capture intel.

and it's called "asteroid", so it's like two moon base with a bridge within them.

edit 2:
so the robots are in 3 group: a,b & c. they are all ubered except for A, once kill B isnt, and so on.
still unsure what happen when C dies, i believe it makes it easier to steal the transistor at the end (which is guarded by 3 moving lazer, like some spy movie...)

edit 3:
there's also a goal: "playing for 300". it seems the robots are gathering something, unsure what / how, but once it says 300 in the bottom hud, you win.
so when YOU KILL enemy robots, you get points. and i guess a lot of points for gathering the intel thingy

edit 4:
also the map has a pre-built teleporter in your spawn, bringing you halfway in the map (right before said bridge inbetween asteroids)



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    the other new one (only 2 so far) is a payload map. unlike the other beta map, this one as full texture (the other one is on dev texture, which makes it look like a level from portal)

    2 map (or stages if you want) on it.

    the decor is reminiscent of Upward.

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    i'm afraid that this new beta map and new game play will be like that space rocket map no one ever plays and that they have never made another map of that gameplay since...

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