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Edit: I'm going to start to add all my minipet stuff to this thread. When I made the thread it was only for the celestials weekly but since there are a bunch of people just starting to pet battle I thought I would add anything relevant to minipets in this thread instead of making a new one.

Celestial Weekly Tournament Pets needed:
[SPOILER]I will type up a walk through of the actual fights when people get closer to having all the pets needed. You need 15 level 25 pets to queue up for the tournament at all, but to win easily you need some specific pets. Each week there is a different group of trainers you will fight, followed by the children of the celestials. Obviously there are other ways to do these fights but these are what worked the fastest for me.

The Celestial Tournament will get you Xufu, Chi-Chi, Yu'la or Zou the first week you do it. It then takes 9 weeks to get the other 3 pets.

Pets you need all 3 weeks since together they solo the final 4 fights:
Pandaren Water Spirit – This is from the dailies you get I can help people get these if needed.
Chrominius – Drops in BWL
Magical Crawdad - Fishing from certain pools in Shadowmoon Valley do yourself a favor and just buy it.

Week Dr. Cho Pickle:
Sprite Darter Hatchling or Nether Faerie Dragon - Pick one up in Feralas
2x Spiders - Seriously any rare spiders
Darkmoon Tonk / Warbot / Mini Thor / Rocket Bots - any Mech with Minefield
Nexus Whelpling - free range in Coldera (borean tundra)
Wild Crimson Hatchling / Onyxia Whelp / Crimson Whelp (dragon with healing flame and tail sweep)
Sandy Petral / Seagull / Tickbird Hatchling
Frog with speed 264 -Any fastish frog
Moth - Any Moth (I prefer the Amber one)

Week Wrath Stormzhu:
Brown Marmot / Brown Prairie Dog / Prairie Dog
Scourged Whelpling - Caught in Icecrown
Anubasith Idol / Hopling / Flayer Youngling
Clockwork Gnome - Archeology
Kun-Lai Runt
Chuck / Toothy / Snarly / Muckbreath / Oily Slimeling
Darkmoon Rabbit
Crawling Claw - Archeology
Crow / Raven

Week Wise Kiryn 4000:
Rabbit (Speed 338)
Lava Crab
Crab - Any Crab!
Molten Hatchling - Searing Gorge (pretty rare I'll help you find one)
Lofty Libram / Gusting Grimoire
Terrible Turnip

And that is all of them! Not including any that you need for dailies. Have fun collecting @MikQuattro and @Aalonz

Edit: Lava crab isn't any crab.[/SPOILER]



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    I wish I could rename this thread to Celsh's Minipet guide.

    Here is the list of the pets you need to do the dailies very quickly with 2 pets so you can use the 3rd slot to level a pet in.

    Updated List:
    Pet - Where you get - Needed for
    Nexus Whelp - Catch in Borean Tundra in Coldara - Hyuna / Air Spirit / Fire Ele / Mo'ruk
    Brilliant Kaliri - Achievement for 125 pets - Hyuna / Water Spirit/ Aki / Mo'ruk / Zuushi
    Moth - Water Ele
    Aqua Strider - Caught near water in Pandaria, also a drop off Nalash Verdantis (on AH) - Nishi (You need 2 of these one fast)
    Emerald Proto Drake Whelp - Caught in Sholazar Basin- Air Spirit
    Fast Rabbit - Caught everywhere need speed 338 or higher - Earth Spirit/ Zuushi
    Darkmoon Tonk -Darkmoon faire - Earth Spirit
    Anubasith Idol - Drop in AQ off Twin Emperors (or on the AH) - Yon / Aki
    Pandarian Monk -Pet shop 10$ (I'm testing viable alternates for this one) - Fire Ele

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    Your wish is my command m'lady

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    Uhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmm

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    I was developing a plan by region to acquire the ten to start the dailies and decided to post my findings to help the thread. @Celsh, if you have any additions or spot any errors, let me know.

    Nexus Whelpling - Northrend - Borean Tundra (Around Coldara) - Pet Battle
    Emerald Proto-Whelp - Northrend - Sholazar Basin - Pet Battle
    Anubisath Idol - Kalimdor - Silithus - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - Drop (Emperor Vek'lor)
    Magical Crawdad - Outlands - Trekkar Forest - Fished from Highland Mixed School
    Amber Moth - Pandaria - Dread Wastes/Townlong Steppes - Pet Battle
    Aqua Strider - Pandaria and Various Others - Vale of Eternal Blossoms/Jade Forest - Pet Battle
    Fast Rabbit - Various (Looking for 338 Speed) - Pet Battle
    Darkmoon Tonk - Darkmoon Island - Vendor (Lhara)
    Pandarian Monk - Pet Store
    Brilliant Kaliri - Achievement (Menagerie-Collect 125 Unique Pets)

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    I only have one thing to change @MikQuattro‌ :

    Magical Crawdad - Seriously just buy it.

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    Haha!! Will do......;)

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    I get asked a lot what pet is the best? and what pet should I level first?

    The answer to the first question is very hard and comes down to me asking you a question. What are you trying to get out of minipets? Are you trying to get some achievements? Are you trying to collect them all? Do you want to be a minipet pvp champion? Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was?

    What should I level first is a better question. Simple answer; Your first team should have a beast or humanoid, a dragon or magical*, and a mechanical or flyer. Why? Like pokemon all Minipets have a type (I say class some times) Each type has strengths and weaknesses. I could just make you a chart but it's easier to steal one from someone else!

    *magical pets are oddly hard to level with you will probably be better with a dragon; Dragons are cooler anyways.

    In the wild you are mostly going to come across 4 types of pet, Critters, Beasts, Flying and Aquatic there's just a lot of those out there. So your first team should have a counter to these. Beast and Humanoids are strong against critters but in different ways. Beasts abilities do more damage to them but humanoids take less damage from them. So the actual best against critters is a humanoid with beast abilities but your options there are very limited to 3* super useful ones 2 okay ones and 6 not so useful. I would recommend just going with a simple beast instead like a Cat or another with a healing ability.

    *Super useful:
    Stunted Yeti - Caught in Feralas at level 7-9
    Flayer Youngling – Caught in Hellfire peninsula level 17-19 (My favorite of these)
    Kun-Lai Runt – Caught in Kun-Lai Summit level 23-25
    Good but not as Usefull:
    Lil' Bad Wolf – Drops off Opera Event in Karazan, Can also buy on the AH
    Dandelion Frolicker – Drops off Nice Sprite on timeless isle, pretty cheap on the AH also. You have to level this one to 10 before it gets it's Beast ability though this one is awesome in pvp if you are going that direction.

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    I once went up against someone running 3 corefire imps. It was the most wicked team I've ever fought. Tried to get a few, but I've only acquired one so far.

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    Yesterday I kept running up against a dude with 2 corefire imps and a scourged whelpling, the corefires would put their buff on then the whelping would make it so they would heal everytime it did damage. It's super effective! Until I started running snails.

    Edit: He was actually running 2 Fiendish Imps now that I look at it but he was only using it for the Immolation anyways.

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    Two more common minipet questions:

    1)How do I level a character using minipets?

    Simple answer:
    Do pet battles where a pet get experience!
    Do the Dailies!

    More complicated answer:
    For each minipet on your team that could have got experience doing the battle the more experience you will receive. This is multiplied by how many minipets you fought. You will get more experience fighting a level 6 battle with 3 level 6s on your team than if you have a level 6 and two level 25s. If all your pets are 25 and you are fighting level 25 pets you get full experience. You will get the most experience fighting versus 3 pets, so level 15 pets and above.

    2) What mods do you use for minipets?

    PetJournal Enhanced – Gives you more sorting options for your pet journal, also color codes names by rarity rather than just the icon border.

    BattlePetCount – When hovering over the green paws on the minimap, it tells you if you own the pet and what level and rarity you have.

    Battle Pet BreedID – This is for the min-maxers. It shows what breeds all your pets are and what are the options for each pet. If you are just collecting pets to collect you really don't need this one.

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    Celsh, can you clarify the EXP nerf on pet battle leveling? Is it true?

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    It was a nerf to the exp from the daily quests, not the actual pet battles themselves.

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    Pet battles were a significant source of XP for Nyuwu. If you don't like dealing with the PvP on the server, it's a viable gap-filler.

  • Updated the pets needed for dailies list and added Aki and Mo'ruk.

    Still trying to get a Shu strat that works every day (or at least 50% of the time)

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    I guess we don't have to worry about passing @Celsh any time soon in total pets:

  • I might have a problem.

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    I... I actually know some of those names.

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    Woo 2nd place!

  • I demand a repost of that chart, @Celsh‌ !

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    I thought I would share my awesome spreadsheet of minipet information. You need to make a copy and fill in your Character Name and server where mine is currently, it will pull information straight from battle.net about your minipets.


    If there is a number not zero in the top right corner where it says this needs updating for you please let me know. (After each new minipet comes out I have to update it, so If I am missing any sometimes it throws an error) If you see anything else wrong with it please tell me so I can update it. If there is other information you would like to see that's not on it please mention it.

    I worked hard on making this and I just felt like sharing.

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    For Quick Reference:

    Tanaan Legendary dailies:

    Almost all can be defeated with "Howl Bomb" (Pandaren Water Spirit, Chrominius, and a tank pet like Anubisath Idol) a couple have to use a different pet to howl.

    Dark Gazer needs a different strat:
    Zandalari Anklerender (Hunting Party, Primal Cry, Black Claw) any other two (I use Idol and Coilfang Stalker)
    Start with Primal Cry, Black Claw, hunting party, Cry. Gazer should Die then your little dino does, finish off the rest the team.

  • It's Battlepet weekend 200% buff on pets while leveling.

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