Seagate 7200.11 Firmware HP24

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Ok, I know I know...I should have backed up a bit, but recently I have added new files to the drive and hadn't backed it up yet. So, that's that...(those harshest of harsh lessons learned).
With this 750gb model I noticed yesterday that my PC stopped reading it. I'm a little bit in a panic mode now because recent school work (that is needed) is on this drive and now I'm SOL unless I can recover the data. Unfortunately, my bios isn't reading the drive, but I do hear it power up, spin and even click. I have seen a "fix" noted with the power of a simple google search, but not sure if there are any easier/faster DIY ways to go about this. I need this family of fantastically smart fools to hopefully lend me a knowledgeable hand in either recovering my data and tossing that shizzam on to my newer drive or just give me the recommendation of "find a data recovery specialist and pay..." reco.
Guys, I seriously need the help and any info you need from me, let me know and I'll provide all I can. Thanks in advance you amazing mofos!

really hoping I'm not shit outta luck on this

edit: I tried the cable swapping and such to rule out the simple.


  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian

    I've done the fix (reset the SMART parameters) 6 or 7 times... no issues. I have all the cables...

  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian

    Do you have a USB-to-SATA kit? If yes, does it show any activity via that?

  • JBoogalooJBoogaloo This too shall pass... Alexandria, VA Icrontian

    Unfortunately, I do not.

  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian

    When a Seagate 7200.11 goes, it goes. The SMART controller bug makes the HD board not work. The BIOS plain doesn't see it. I just fixed one about a month ago. Took longer to find the cable than it did to fix it.

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