Introducing ICKOTL (King of the ladder arena)

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After the success of the PVP arena, and whilst farming up slimes for the Ender Ender I decided to take on a side project, a King of the ladder arena. Now some may ask, what is king of the ladder? King of the ladder, KOTL for short originated on the Mindcrack YouTube server about a year or so ago and has been going strong ever sense, the objective, climb to the top of a 1x1 pillar with ladders on all sides and stay there, last man standing wins.
The rules:
Jump onto the pillar
knock other players off the pillar and to their death
you will die

Not kidding, there is no way out, either the fall will kill you or the lava and burning netherrack pit below (At leas in my designs, there is no "proper" KOTL setup)

Do with it what you will guys.

Oh, and PS, there are two chests and a furnace by the KOTL, they contain dirt, iron ore, gravel, cobble, ladders and some other leftovers from the build, take whatever you want.

PPS, the KOTL is near the PvP arena

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