To whomever has a settlement on the hill near my place...

aspieRommelaspieRommel Icrontic politicoIndianapolis, IN Icrontian
edited December 2014 in Minecraft

I am conducting a de-forestation project on the hill near my settlement. According to the DynMap, there is a settlement with no claim on it at DynMap coordinates -568,65,-451. I have went by there and it is built up (I took nothing from it). Whomever "owns" that settlement, please contact me so that I know that it is still in use. Thank you.



  • d3k0yd3k0y Loveland, OH Icrontian

    I was really confused, until I realized this was Minecraft.

  • MyrmidonMyrmidon Baron von Puttenham California Icrontian

    I live in a world where this is not minecraft.

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