Vudu In-Home Disc to Digital - I love you

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Vudu has a in home disk to digital option that saves you the pain of cracking DRM and ripping your disks to a less than ideal format to take up a load of local disk space, and the cost is $1 a pop if you do at least ten at a time. Sure, LucasFilm is still a holdout and some older discs just don't register but for a buck a pop having movies in the cloud with as little fuss as possible is fantastic. I know the service has been around about a year now but they seem to have a good number of studios on board now and the process is painless. I have about 2/3 of my collection on the cloud now and I couldn't be happier with the streaming convenience.

Anyone else using this or a similar service? I feel like this is one of the best kept secrets around. It has totally changed how I consume media I own.


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    The DIY method is insanely simple and not at all time consuming (push butan, walk away). Also free for DVDs (there are BD tools too, but the good one costs moneys). Also no UltraViolet bullshit. Also you can actually put your content on any device you want for high quality viewing regardless of internet connection speeds (or lack of an internet connection). There are any number of streaming programs out there too (my weapon of choice in this case is Plex Media Server).

    The whole process for a single DVD is minutes IF you sit there and watch. It actually only takes a few seconds of interacting with the software to start the process.

    I'd post the ripping tool names, but I believe that violates policy. Handbrake does the final conversion nicely though. You can select quality and resolution settings, subtitles, language tracks, and pull pretty much any video stream from the discs.

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