Help my mom's business buy a computer

RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

Here's what she is looking for:
A drastic increase in performance. She is running most of her work on a workstation laptop now and with all of her programs (and Nortons) its starting to go a little slow for her daily usage. Ideally, this would be a top of the line performance machine at the budget she is asking for. She will keep her laptop, so she is looking for a desktop.

$2000 budget
Reuse: monitor, mouse, keyboard

This budget shall include:

Windows 8 license (not sure which)

Antivirus - Right now she uses Nortons and its pretty much awful -difficult settings to navigate, strange interactions etc

Many (10?) USB outlets - her business runs a TON of peripherals (multiple printers, vinyl cutter, embroidery machine, external storage devices.)

SSD for WINDOWS and common program installation - She is new to SSDs so is likely to fill it quickly. In addition, she installs multiple graphic art programs (CorelDraw, SmartDesigner, CAM style software for her cutters) that take up a lot of space. Maybe 256 GB?

2 Tb or more HDD for image storage (She runs external backups on a USB connected HDD)

16 GB ram (more less?)

Graphics card for graphic art work

Processor for same

Simple case with lots of room for SSDs/HDDs as necessary

Any suggestions necessary, and I am confident I fill in any gaps in suggestions. Looking for someone who enjoys making these lists to play around a bit :)

I'm hoping to have the computer purchased and shipped by Tues/Wednesday of next week.



  • TwoheartedTwohearted New Boston, MI Member
    edited January 2015

    When it comes to businesses, I highly recommend saving yourself the trouble and just order one from Dell, HP, etc. The warranty goes a long ways when it comes to crap going wrong. If you build it, anything that goes wrong with that system, the blame falls on you. But if you must, have you checked out any of the park picker sites like They will get you a real good list of what you are looking for.

    also.. get rid of Norton's and just toss something like Security Essentials on.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    I would except its for my mom, and most of the time the Dell/HP stuff doesn't come with a good amount of USB space.

  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian

    A $15 USB hub would solve that.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    The last USB hub she had wouldn't work - She would plug her USB registration devices into it, and it wouldn't register. It would drive a printer, but only one. Various other issues.

  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian

    Was it an externally powered hub?

    I've got this little guy and have had no issues. I can't say I have had multiple printers hooked up to it but at least 4 devices without issue (icluding a wireless mouse and a USB Christmas Tree)


  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
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    Having run IT for several shops like your mom's, I absolutely concur that buying OEM is the way to go. Buy a really good Dell or HP workstation with a good warranty and then buy a PCI Express USB card like that one. Trust me, this is the way to go.

  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian

    Agreed. For business use cases, ordering from pro with warranty and such is a great idea. I've had consistently great experiences with Lenovo and would honestly recommend them over Dell/HP, but Dell is a good second choice for slightly custom but still warrantied builds. All of these have "base" models that allow for customization items like a Quadro workstation card and 16GB or more of RAM. You could install the second HDD yourself if they don't have an option for it.

  • mertesnmertesn I am Bobby Miller Yukon, OK Icrontian

    Woot has a pretty good system up right now.

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