Problem configuring my PC sound; appreciate some help here

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After moving, my Klipsch 4.1 Promedia speaker setup is wonky. I have an HTO Striker sound card as well as the optional VIA Hi Def sound through my Asus mobo. I have quadraphonic speaker setup selected in Control Panel. Normally, I set the HTO Striker as default, but I discovered that I was not getting any sound through the rear speakers during music playback. However, if I run speaker test through Win 7 control panel, the rear speakers work and output the test jingle tone pattern. Thinking my HTO Striker sound card went wonky, I set the VIA on-board sound as default and still no sound out of the rear speakers during music playback. Running speaker test again using the VIA chipset, I get the test tone pattern through the rear speakers showing that they are working there too. So I am baffled why I can get test tones through the rear speakers with either sound output device but cannot get music playback through the rear channel at all. I have double checked my wiring connections with no discoveries. Win Media Player is my default. I am probably missing something obvious, but atm I am stumped. This is a shout out for help so if you have any suggestions, I am ready to try all credible ideas. Thanks!!!


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    to my knowledge, music does not have rear audio tracks. unless your sound mixing program has a feature like sound fill or speaker fill or something like that, you will not get sound out of the rear speakers. this might be best to leave alone, since surround speakers are sometimes not as durable as the stereo speakers, and so you are likely to damage them if you play music even a little bit loud.

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    I agree with the first part of XGPHero's post, and disagree with the second. You are probably just missing that there aren't rear tracks in a standard setup, and can/should setup your audio program to mix front to rear. It could likely be set in the sound cards audio and the programs you're running audio through (e.g. foobar has an upmix setting). I disagree that the "extra" speakers are not as durable, unless your setup looks different or your manual says so. It would be ... weird for them to design a speaker system like that, but I've only ever setup surround sound systems for friends.

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    Thanks for the replies, but I have to side with Tushon on this matter partly because I had all speaker sound before I moved but also because I kept fiddling with it and now have full surround sound using my on-board VIA chipset. While I am no fan of VIA, at least rear speaker surround sound is now working even though I had to install VIA's Hi Def software to do it. Sadly, I cannot get the same result with my HT Omega Striker sound card which was previously my default. So I am thinking my discrete sound card has failed since I cannot get any rear speaker sound from it at all now. :bawl: Loved the sound from that card! RIP.

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