buying a new mobo...suggestions welcome.

HeroHero formerly known as XGPHero Icrontian

i have an MSI P67A GD65 mobo exactly like this i was VERY happy with it until it broke this morning(i think... still troubleshooting, but this seems to be the issue), and i never noticed any low performance with my activities. does anyone have any recommendations for a better alternative to this in about the same price range. as long as its not a downgrade and i dont have to replace other components id be happy. specific things that i was particularly fond of:

  • 8 channel audio (love my music, and surround sound gaming)
  • 7 PCI slots 2 long, 5 short (i only use i long and one short, but i might add to that at some point)
  • 1155 socket (so i dont have to replace my processor
  • 4 ram slots (i only have 2 cards but i like the idea that i could add more later)

Things I Have:

  • 600W PSU
  • i5 processor
  • AMD R9 285 GPU
  • wifi card
  • hard drive and DVD drive
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