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I remember back in the day. When the games blizzard made were ALL ABOUT THE FANS. The developers didn't care if they got paid. they cared if people enjoyed it. From Warcraft, starcraft, world of Warcraft, and even wow tcg. They made game they put everything to shame. Games that would have been amazing like RIFT, ESO, and guild wars. Great games that wow put to shame. But now. It seems to be ALL ABOUT THE DEVELOPERS. Creating crappy exp "bring in new players" only to lose the millions they had. or the fact hackers and thief get to enjoy the games better then the people you pay to enjoy games. stop produce on TCG when everyone just started to get into to make a fair and easy online one. where you cant even talk shit to your friend until you have him btag and then you just have a messing chat system in the middle of your game. Oh Let not forget the new LOL... im sorry Hero of storms. dont get me wrong. its fun but its LOL. and many of you say it not. I would have said its not if they didnt make a TF2 Remake. Blizzard has dropped to a cloning company. ;-; Great games they my kids or my kids kids are not going to enjoy. and even know about, Blizzard. Please just tell me. What happened to you? Why did you change. All you are now is a clone of PS and Xbox. And they get crap talked about them all day. We Are You Fans. We Are The Reason You Are What You Are.
Ps. We are also your end. don't abandon your fans.


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    tl;dr: get off my lawn

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    This is why we can't have nice things

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    @sonofgods said:

    The developers (at Blizzard) didn't care if they got paid. . >

    Least True thing ever posted on the internet there....

    Activision is a publicly traded company and Blizzard Entertainment is a huge profit center for them.

    They drew a billion dollars in annual subscription revenue for WOW alone, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5 billion total when you include all their software and licensed goods.

    Blizzard is basically a digital dope dealer. Feeding your obsession (addiction) for a regular fee.

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    @sonofgods said:
    Games that would have been amazing like RIFT, ESO, and guild wars. Great games that wow put to shame. But now.

    These games wouldn't exists if WoW didn't. Also none of these ever even got close to how many subscribers wow had at it's lowest point.

    @sonofgods said:
    stop produce on TCG when everyone just started to get into to make a fair and easy online one.

    The wow TCG was made by another company called Cryptozoic. Cryptozoic is working on their first digital MMOCCG called Hex: Shards of Fate. Even if they never made hearthstone, Blizzard were already in a weird place with CZ, as they were entering the same digital MMO space.

    Wow, and Blizzard, has completely changed the world when it comes to video games. HotS isn't LoL, but they are in the same genre. A Genre that wouldn't exist if Dota never existed, where did Dota come from? Oh a mod in a Blizzard game. Also HoTs and Overwatch are exposing fans of blizzard games to genres that some of them have never played before or didn't like before. I hated Mobas, I love HotS.

    @mertesn said:
    but this is a special kind of stupid.

    No this is @sonofgods.

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    I for one really like when companies stagnate and just keep producing the same stuff over and over. I also eat plain oatmeal for every meal of everyday and I never try anything new and exciting.

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    @Cliff_Forster you took one thing. If you read before that. You see the words " use to be" as in when their games meant something.
    @Celsh Will. What started wow. Wow was just the first. And same to you. If you read it. It say what you say. And you should re do your research on wow tcg. Because ur right CZ did start (funded by blizzard) and changed. Why do you think the cards of different sets have different info and different was to show there info. And even there copy right name is different.
    You guys are closed minded you all read the bad and started to talk. Did you ever think about the other info. The info that is not showing to the people? They are like any company. Show the good. Cover the bad. And lie to the fans.

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    I think this thread has quickly come to the end of its useful life.

    Move along, folks.

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