Question/Challenge: Connect a Wii U to a B&W TV

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Brian and I just had a kitchen debate over whether it was technically possible to get a Wii U connected to an early-80s B&W TV with what Brian describes as "the old 'U' hookups you had to screw in".

1) Is it possible with just simple adapters?

2) If Yes: What is the simplest / cheapest chain to get you there?

3) If No: What is the latest Nintendo console capable of this?

For the record, I voted yes and Brian voted no. His position is you need some sort of intelligent device to do the signal conversion. I conjecture there's a way to get from HDMI to DVI to VGA to coax to that old system.


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    You need to get from digital to analog with an HDMI down converter and then to coax with and RF modulator. Then you can use the coax to dual spade lug connection like Brian was talking about. Maybe $100-$75 in converters and cable.

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    This is why we keep you around @Sonorous :)

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    So, this thread caused me to fall down an internet rabbit hole and I've spent the last hour looking at the history of TV. Here's a cool video I found of a guy that hooked up a Sega Genesis to one of the first TVs, the 1946 RCA 630TS.

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    Did some brief digging and from what I understand you can use the Wii composite cable with the Wii U. That means you would just need the RF modulator and coax to screw terminal adapter. I am blanking on the exact name of that adapter though.


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    So the answer is yes, it is possible.

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