AMD invents a new type of GPU memory & announces new CPU design

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For all two of you that don't know this: I am an employee of AMD. I lead the technical marketing division.

I am proud to relay the message that AMD has invented and standardized a new type of GPU memory called High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM). We announced it today at an event in New York, and more details will be available this month. HBM is a >3X improvement over GDDR5 in power efficiency, and a huge surface area space saver on products. //EDIT: The space saving is accomplished by vertically stacking and packaging multiple memory chips in a tower configuration with microscopic vertical interconnects. Then we stick it right next to the SoC or the GPU with a common communication fabric called the "interposer."

We also formally announced an all-new enthusiast CPU core design called "Zen." I can say less about Zen, except to say that it's on its way. :)


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