Satoru Iwata left us too soon

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The gaming world is poorer for having lost such a visionary.



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    "Iwata is probably best known for being a "genius" programmer, a trait which helped him climb the ranks quickly at Nintendo. Among other programming achievements, he famously saved the development of Earthbound by writing an entire scripting language for the game's dialogue boxes and cutscenes, and also helped to pack Pokemon Gold and Silver down to such an efficient size that they could add Kanto, the entire continent from the previous games.

    Apparently he also enabled Smash Bros Melee to ship within the Gamecube's launch period, and played an integral role in developing early games such as Kirby."

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    This news hurts.

    Not only have we lost a giant in the industry, but Iwata was such a wonderful, down to earth man. He was connected to the gaming community in way few industry people do, let alone CEOs. We're talking the head of a giant company that gave himself a pay cut by half due to a weak FY report. He was humble, brilliant, and wonderful.

    It's weird. The gaming industry is still so young, and we really haven't lost too many to old age, illness, or what not. Losing Iwata is a punch to the gut for anyone working in the industry. It was easy for us to feel invincible, but today we clearly aren't. We are worse off without him.

    RIP Iwata, thanks for everything.

  • Not to mention the vision to say Nintendo isn't a "Me too" gaming company. The innovator all these years. His genius will be missed.

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    This is worth watching, really shows the wonderful character of Satoru Iwata.

    He showed up on a Japanese gaming show called "Game Center CX", where the host would play old NES games and do challenges, and he's just generally bad at them but gives hilarious commentary as he struggles along. A lot like modern YouTube "Let's Play", just without the terrible, annoying commentary, rage yelling, and rape jokes. Iwata showed up as a surprise guest, and the conversation they have together is just wonderful.

    It's especially great, because Iwata explains why old NES games are so difficult - it's because the playtesters were the developers themselves, who had mastered the game and had no perspective to what reasonable difficulty was for a new person playing a game.

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