Windows 10 release

BlueTattooBlueTattoo BoatbuilderHouston, TX Icrontian

It looks like I have received the release version of Windows 10, even though the official date for release is July 29. I can't find anything online about an early release. I have been running the Preview version in VMPlayer on my Windows 7 desktop in the aggressive update schedule from the beginning. During the night, it had updated and rebooted. It has been doing that a lot, but this time, it started up with a License Agreement like a new system. Also, it no longer has the Preview build information in the lower right hand corner of the screen. When I look at the system properties, it says “Windows 10 Pro”.

I turned on my other PC (windows 8.1) and brought up the copy of Windows 10 Preview in Hyper-V. It still has the “Evaluation copy. Build 10130” on the screen and is designated “Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview” on the system information screen.

Is anyone else running Windows 10?


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