Raid Summary 08/02 - 08/03 2015

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

It was a weird week but awesome nonetheless; on Sunday we had Aalonz' portal directly to Iskar; we spent several attempts on Iskar and finally got him down with our new team comp; we took a quick breather to get the first boss down (and still no tank shield!), which was a nice break. After that we made a few attempts on Socrethar.

On Monday we lost Aalonz so had to start from the beginning (Iron Reaver), but we absolutely plowed through the first wing and a half of HFC. We one-shot Iron Reaver, Corncob, Council, and Kilrogg. We took a few tries on Gorefriend but eventually got him down, bringing us back to Socrethar.

We had a couple of new attempts on Socrethar, leading to our best attempt yet. He'll be going down shortly :)

Next week we're starting fresh HFC Normal again rather than warping to Iskar for two reasons:

1) More tier gear for the raid
2) Our fourth Gorefiend down, which means several of us will have the Iskar portal rather than just one person.

See you next week!

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