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    @primesuspect said:
    Here are mine:

    1. I am cautiously hopeful that the overall expansion seems to be "Return to Azeroth, return to old zones, and go through one huge, detailed, expansive class quest to get your artifact customized the way you want then kick some ass with it". From that perspective, it feels more like an RPG (remember those?), where you're more focused on your character rather than just being part of some big war.
    2. I like the idea of Class Halls, though they could screw them up royally by making them all hype and no substance. Hopefully they're well-implemented.
    3. Demons? shrug. Still better than orcs. At least we're done with spikes, iron, and fire for a while. Everything will be green and fel-flamey tho
    4. I love the idea of a "weapon talent tree", which opens up new avenues to customize our characters, BUT... as we've seen in the past Blizzard isn't great at balancing class choices.... We could run into another situation where there's only one REALLY viable talent path... and we run the risk of being a "noob casual" if you don't min-max and have the exact same talent tree selection as every other good player. Clarity of Power SPriest, I'm looking at you. Sure, they can always fix it and rebalance it in a future patch, but still; I fear that there will only be one viable path for your Artifact.
    5. While I love the idea of a new class and am totally ambivalent about armor choice (though another mail class would have been cool, but I also get how it makes no sense for the class), I actually wish we'd have seen a shakeup of the entire DPS/Tank/Heals meta. As I mentioned in the previous thread, it would be amazing to have a fourth role rather than a "fast and agile green Death Knight" class. I'd love to see a new ROLE (like support, CC, buffs, etc) and a new spec for many classes rather than just a new class.
    6. I like the idea of Dalaran up and moving to the new continent and becoming the hub again.
    7. I am VERY excited to return to Azeroth.

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